Value-added services for your products

Value-added services are an integral part of warehouse services. All additional operations on products in the field of services that offer added value are aimed at increasing the commercial value of products or improving the image of a given brand.

Build your brand image

Build your brand image

The quality and aesthetic values of the offered products are an important element of your brand image. The wide range of value-added services offered by Rhenus allows you to choose the services necessary for business processes, and to constantly develop them in line with the changing expectations of your individual customers. Personalization, premium packaging, refreshing clothes or ironing them are part of the logistics processes for the fashion and e-commerce industries. We are closer to individual clients.  

Value-added services for e-commerce

In online sales, value-added services are becoming a tool for building brand awareness, and also have a significant impact on a positive customer experience. Depending on the products, sales markets or customer expectations, Rhenus Poland provides various types of value-added services. Personalization of orders and their adaptation to the geographic range of sales and sales campaigns are everyday life in the case of e-commerce cross-border projects.

When products are sold in a global marketplace, meeting and complying with the individual country’s specific labelling legislation is required to avoid breaches of any trading regulations. This also applies when products are sold across different e-commerce platforms.

Rhenus Poland has a skilled team proficient in labelling and relabelling of all kind of products, e.g. merchandise or apparel. Whether it is it changing swing, security or Kimball tags, or more specific requirements such as repositioning and repricing, we employ accuracy as well as speed and have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the retailer’s requirements are adhered to.  We can translate bar code stipulations to reflect the data specifications of the retailer’s customers, e.g. processing items for different shopping platforms, thereby opening up alternative routes to market.

Apart from secure shipping packaging, gift packaging has become indispensable in the logistics industry. Rhenus Poland offers you the opportunity to send your goods gift-wrapped seasonally and all year round. We offer gift-wrapping for individual products as well as for several products to be combined into one gift packaging.

Changes in the buying behaviour of consumers, who often order multiple items and then return those that are not needed, require retailers to have an efficient solution if they want to remain competitive.

Consumers expect returns to be processed as quickly and efficiently as the front-end ordering process and not have to wait days for credits, exchanges or replacements.

The ability to expedite these returns promptly is essential for creating customer loyalty at this stage of the fulfilment process. At Rhenus Poland, we recognise the importance of this, along with the competitive advantage that can be gained through a resilient and consistent process.

We provide global support in the form of effective returns management, which is tailored to your needs. In addition to accepting returns, our experts are happy to organise the collection of the goods and return them to the central warehouse or point of return. The products are assessed regarding damages and possible adjustments can be carried out. Undamaged, unused devices can be repackaged, relabelled and will be quickly placed back on stock in the warehouse, while damaged goods are recycled or disposed of.

Value-added services for Fashion

The clothing industry, like no other, is extremely sensitive to the aesthetic values ​​of the offered products, which also translates into the scope of value-added services. The method of storing goods and their preparation for shipment is characterized by care for the condition of clothes, which is why refreshing, ironing and packing are so important. One of the non-standard services provided by Rhenus Poland is the so-called premium packaging, which takes into account various variants of goods packaging depending on their configuration in an individual order, as well as qualitative filling of cartons and personalization.

Growing personalisation requirement have led Rhenus Poland to invest in industrial embroidery machinery and software that enables our experienced team to quickly turn around orders within a matter of hours. These can either be one-offs or multiple orders with bespoke features, and offer complete flexibility and a range of options for the most complex or demanding specifications.

From embroidered initials on bath robes to names on school uniforms and sportswear, we have the tooling and expertise to handle these requests to your exact specifications and high standards.

In addition to embroidery, we perform small sewing tasks, e.g. sewing on buttons.

For textiles and clothing, we provide ironing and steaming services before dispatch or within the return. For Rhenus Poland, it is just as important to send your fashion products in optimal quality to your customers as it is for you.

We take responsibility for individual assembly and repair work of your products and offer creative ideas in support of your commercial needs. This also includes minor repairs to defective devices.

Foiling is important to protect products from dirt and smallest dust particles. In the electronics industry, special foils protect sensitive products. We produce and apply saleable packaging individually according to our customers’ wishes.

Return Logistics and Value Added Services by Rhenus in Poland

Rhenus Poland provides return logistics and  a wide range of Value Added Services for e-commerce sales channel. Apparel and shoes, beauty and accessories, tools and appliances, home and living, and media - these are the industries that we work for.

Value-added services for a wide range products

Each logistics project is different and industry-specific, and the range of value-added services is similar. Other services will be important for the chemical industry - pumping or sampling, and other services for the publishing industry - inserting, labelling. Regardless of the type of goods and the industry, we are ready for joint logistics projects with a large share of value-added services.

The requirements set by national authorities can be very high and even express shipments may be delayed by minor problems. Professional customs clearance is therefore very important. The Rhenus Group has decades of experience in working as an international services provider. We take care of all the relevant administrative tasks for our worldwide customers – up to and including fiscal representation. As a result, we create clear competitive advantages for your supply chain.

The movement of goods either locally or globally is the dominant feature of the modern business world. The production and delivery of local products demand precise planning, so the relevant means of transport and intermediate storage facilities can be used in the correct way.

Besides same- and next-day delivery, pre-sorted delivery is also one of the services we provide for you.

We perform special tasks, such as the transport of hazardous, temperature-controlled, medical or pharmaceutical goods. Benefit from our precise planning in using the relevant modes of transport and make use of our intermediate storage space.

Carrier management allows for the option of least cost routing and full track & trace.

The Rhenus warehouse management systems offers the possibility to keep track of your suppliers’ stocks within the same warehouse infrastructure where your products are stored. During procurement, a transparent transaction indicates the change of ownership, with or without physical movements of the goods.

You can benefit from consolidated logistics costs for you and your suppliers, fast processes and zero transportation costs.

Upon request, we affix product-specific certificates to the respective products. We also provide archive services for these certificates.

Safe and protective packaging is important for any business. Rhenus Poland will package the products for you. Whether it is repacking from original cartons into new packaging, co-packing different orders, inserting products and goods or simply packing them in order to secure the products during transport and to protect them: We assemble your products and goods into their final packaging.

Quality control

With many products sourced from overseas vendors, retailers often require assurance that products arriving at their customers’ sites are fit for purpose and fulfil their brand promise.

Rhenus Poland understands the importance of brand integrity and provides quality control and inspection services to ensure that the items meet retailers’ stringent specifications. This procedure includes examining and testing products, either through spot checks or constant monitoring, to highlight any defects and to measure the quality and performance of these vendors.

To meet the high-quality requirements of the market, it is necessary to regularly take samples. Especially in the area of ​​hazardous substances and pharmaceuticals, it is important to issue an ongoing statement regarding the quality, texture and composition of the stored products.

We support your manufacturing process by pre-assembling items for the building of sets.

Some of Rhenus sites offer warehouse services for bulky and heavy items. These locations are equipped with cranes and heavy load forklifts to handle any kind of oversized or overweight items. If your products do not fit the standard bins or pallet bay spaces, get in touch with one of our warehouse solutions specialists to find for the best solution to suit your needs.

We offer the latest printing processes to suit your requirements. In any industry, it is important to keep stock levels as low as possible. Especially in fast-moving industries like fashion, media or pharmaceuticals, it is essential to be able to react quickly to changes. We print individual company logos on your textiles, insert important papers hot off the press into your parcels or print magazines only when they are needed. We prevent overproduction and save costs.

We take care of the planet by recycling all kinds of materials.

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