Battery storage for electric vehicles

Not only do we carry out assembly and disassembly for the complex battery systems of electric vehicles, we also organise the storage process for you for efficient and cost-saving line supply.

Carefree JIT delivery with Rhenus

Carefree JIT delivery with Rhenus

We take over the storage of your battery modules – so that you can use the storage space at your production site for other purposes. We deliver the components for your production line just in time and just in sequence based on your specifications.

Our services for battery warehousing

Safe storage of your battery modules

A battery warehouse is not just simply a storage location. It has to satisfy demanding requirements so that the environment is not unnecessarily burdened in the event of an incident. Employees must be given specific training to ensure that they are capable of handling these hazardous substances properly and recognise the dangers. Taking quick and appropriate action is crucial. We also take appropriate action in the event of structural changes pursuant to the law and ensure that our warehouse locations are always equipped to the very latest standards.

Maximum state of charge thanks to outsourced warehousing

To ensure that large and heavy batteries do not have to be stored at your assembly site or factory, we offer vehicle-specific assembly of your battery modules and also deliver them directly to the installation site in the specified order.


In addition to the environmentally-friendly handling of the batteries in the warehouse or during assembly, we aim to save resources with this project by identifying solutions for older or defective batteries.



The vehicle manufacturer is responsible for the battery life cycle. We assume a part of this responsibility by also taking care of defective or older batteries. We take this task very seriously. After analysis of the defective batteries, we decide as to whether they can still be used or whether they must be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.



Together with our affiliate REMONDIS, we want to use older batteries to store surplus energy from solar and wind power plants. During the disposal process, we also focus on saving raw materials by recovering as many substances used to make batteries as possible.


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