Transport of bulk and dry bulk goods by truck

Rhenus Poland not only takes care of the transport of bulk goods, but also the individual planning and maps out the entire supply chain. Vehicle fleet has specialised vehicles equipped with telematics systems for easy tracking and tracing.

Specialised vehicle fleet

Specialised vehicle fleet

We are highly specialised in recycling goods as well as in wood, agricultural goods, peat, steel, pig iron and sea containers. We transport these goods with walking floor, tarpaulin, tipper, silo, tank, sliding floor, roll-on / roll-off and sea container vehicles in both domestic and international traffic.

Our transport options

National and international transport Domestic and cross-border bulk transports

National transport

We can handle the transport of mass and bulk goods by truck nationwide. Thanks to our many sites within the nationwide network of the Rhenus Group, you always have direct access to dedicated contact persons.

We comply with all legal requirements for national transports and have the necessary certificates and permits at our disposal.

International transport

The international Rhenus transport services ensure reliable and strong connections between roads, seaports, inland ports and customers.

Thanks to the necessary permits that Rhenus has at its disposal, we manage the smooth transportation of mass and bulk goods by truck throughout all of Europe. We operate locations in Poland and other EU countries for this purpose.

Regardless of whether small or large volumes are involved: Rhenus provides you with reliable, trustworthy and competent service at all times, both when collecting your goods and when delivering them.

Any questions?

Our experts are always there for you. If you wish, we will also call you back – keeping things conventient and straightforward.

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Rhenus worldwide: A network that connects

The needs of our customers are important to us and we work together to develop logistics solutions, even beyond transport solely by truck. In doing so, we are supported by the international network of the Rhenus Group with direct, local contacts for our customers.


Quality standards developed with commitment

  • High quality standards – guaranteed by our quality management system
  • Modern vehicle fleet with the latest state-of-the-art technical equipment
  • Intelligent business IT and an extensive vehicle fleet: As a result, our trained employees can adapt processes individually to specifically meet the needs of our customers and respond to new requirements



On-time delivery: the top priority for trucking

The vehicle fleet and established partners ensure the good and timely planning of deliveries.

Our focus is to fulfil the wishes of our customers and deliver your goods just in time to where they are needed.