Project logistics planning and management services

Rhenus Poland provides comprehensive project management and consultation services as integrated solutions for your projects, regions and cargo. We plan, organise and supervise overseas projects from start to completion, utilising our specialised staff of experienced professionals worldwide.

No project is too big or small to handle

No project is too big or small to handle

Our project logistics experts have over 30 years of experience in handling high and heavy cargo as well as global projects. The dedicated and agile project teams of  Rhenus Poland will adjust to ever-changing project scenarios. We offer personalised service to our customers for optimised project planning and application.

Our advisory and planning services

Project logistics implementation relies on in-depth communication – but nothing will function properly without long-term planning work. Both depend on each other when you are drawing up efficient logistics chains.

We sit down with you at an early stage in order to discuss all the aspects of any existing transportation challenge. Members of the project logistics team will be happy to discuss matters at your business premises in order to obtain some idea of the tasks that have to be managed. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of particular options with you.

From the first to the last mile, it is necessary to take many details into account in order to draw up effective project plans. This all-round approach may even go beyond the first working stage in the transport business. It is sometimes necessary to consider issues related to logistics even before the production of the large and heavy goods. Often, it is possible to modify them to make the transport operations easier without any loss of functionality in the unit. Our advisory services help you reduce your logistics costs.

A single source of contact

By using the widespread network of business centres within the Rhenus Group, we are able to accommodate the specific planning requirements for individual customers’ project logistics chains. Our close cooperation with many partners outside the Rhenus Group offers us additional flexibility. Meanwhile, we organise the complete project as your single point of contact, manage all persons involved for you during all planning phases and remain in overall control, however complex the project work may be.


Quality management

Quality management is one of the core processes of the industry nowadays. Knowledge of the risks anticipated and the development of procedures and methods to keep these risks at the lowest level possible are important for creating a transport which is safe and efficient. Globally approached processes and the continuous optimisation of workflows ensure the highest quality in operation.


Over 30 years of experience

Thanks to our many years of experience – and because the Rhenus Group transports enormous volumes of goods by sea, air and land – we maintain close relationships with international shipping companies and can offer you good shipping rates for scheduled services to meet your exact requirements. Our network also includes smaller firms and shipping companies with special means of transport for unusually heavy goods. This enables us to combine high quality with fair prices.


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Your personal sales or dedicated operational key contact will assist you with all necessary information.

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