Extensive European groupage network gives you flexible transport solutions for pallet shipments. We collet your shipments, consolidate in our distribution hubs and send to the country of destination by line trucks.
Partner in international groupage

Partner in international groupage

We deliver shipments throughout Europe using Rhenus distribution network based on our own warehouses and Rhenus transshipment terminals, as well as in cooperation with our partners. An integration of the international distribution network with the domestic groupage system enables a process optimisation, operational excellence and flexibility of solutions in the area of delivery time.

Reliable solutions for international shipments

For groupage cargo, we offer three basic services: Rhenus Classic, Rhenus Fix and Rhenus Premium. Each of them takes into account a different concept of delivery of goods, at the same time guaranteeing European coverage and reliable lead times. 

Our core groupage products

Rhenus Classic

Standard transport services. Cost-effective, no-compromise quality-oriented solution implemented within the European Rhenus network. Advantages of the solution:


  • Reliable, efficient transport and timely delivery
  • Scheduled services with maximum flexibility for customer needs
  • Daily pickups with regular departures to key locations across Europe

Rhenus Fix

Transport services with a scheduled date and specified delivery time.
You can choose one of the following shipping options:


  • Fix Date: Delivery with scheduled delivery date
  • Fix Time: Delivery with scheduled delivery date and time
  • Time Window: Scheduled delivery within a two-hour window

Rhenus Premium

Transport services for shipments requiring fast delivery and with priority delivery time. You can choose one of the following shipping options:


  • Premium: Coverage of the transit time and binding delivery of the shipment
  • Premium 8: Delivery by 8 am
  • Premium 10: Delivery by 10 am
  • Premium 12: Delivery by noon

Where do you want to ship from?

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Our additional road freight services


  • An extensive European groupage distribution network
  • Permanent and regular groupage lines to key regions of Europe
  • Standard solutions, processes and products across the entire Rhenus distribution network
  • Cost-effective consolidation solutions


  • Self-registration of shipments available
  • Advanced IT solutions
  • The highest standards of service implementation confirmed by quality certificates (ISO; SQAS)
  • Additional CARGO protection


  • Fast reliable international calls
  • Continuous optimisation of connections for the best transit times
  • Experience and operational capabilities in the field of customs clearance guaranteeing the delivery time 

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