Battery disassembly and recycling

After use in the vehicle, batteries can continue to be used sensibly, e.g. as a storage module. Together with our partner REMONDIS, we test and analyse battery systems and commission partner companies for the recycling or reuse process.

Battery systems: Challenge and chance

Battery systems: Challenge and chance

Current debates have shed light on the need for a charging infrastructure and an improved recycling process for the battery systems of electric vehicles. From a logistics point of view, the battery module represents the greatest challenge in terms of tranforming the supply chain. In the event of damage, the battery quickly becomes an incalculable risk. For the transport of hazardous goods such as these, we use special containers that make an explosion and its consequences virtually non-existent.

Our services for battery disposal

We test the performance level and then decide

Each battery has its own, unique performance level. We measure this so as to ascertain whether it can be used for other applications.

Depending on the case, it may also be possible to repair defective batteries. Our experienced members of staff check each battery individually and decide on a case by case basis which is the best course of action.


We pick up defective batteries and disassemble them

Defective batteries are often disposed of directly and shredded, and end up in incinerators. At Rhenus, we disassemble them and carry out any necessary repairs so that they can be put to further use. If not, we disassemble the batteries so that they can be disposed of separately.

We always look for meaningful and economical application possibilities

After a certain age, the performance of lithium-ion batteries is no longer sufficient for use in electric vehicles. However, it is still possible to use them as battery storage. The excess energy generated by solar or wind power plants can be stored and used later.


We make use of a broad network in order to recover as many raw materials as possible

Our affiliate REMONDIS disposes of the batteries together with its partners. A lot of waste management companies specialise in the recycling of certain raw materials. The aim is to recycle as many of the components of a battery as possible so that they can be used again for the construction of new batteries, thereby saving valuable resources.

Our group of companies already has decades of expertise in waste disposal technology. Backed by our experience, as well as our close relationships with waste management companies, we use this expertise to achieve the best possible recycling processes for battery systems.


In addition to the environmentally-friendly handling of the batteries in the warehouse or during assembly, we aim to save resources with this project by identifying solutions for older or defective batteries.



The vehicle manufacturer is responsible for the battery life cycle. We assume a part of this responsibility by also taking care of defective or older batteries. We take this task very seriously. After analysis of the defective batteries, we decide as to whether they can still be used or whether they must be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.



Together with our affiliate REMONDIS, we want to use older batteries to store surplus energy from solar and wind power plants. During the disposal process, we also focus on saving raw materials by recovering as many substances used to make batteries as possible.


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