Automotive assembly services

We handle all assembly operations so that the vehicle manufacturer can focus on their core business processes. Our production facilities and our assembly processes, which we have developed in-house, cater to the increasing degree of diversity of modules and vehicles.

Our experience is your security

Our experience is your security

Rhenus Automotive has been assembling complex modules for the automotive industry for over 20 years. When it comes to interiors, we specialise in modules including door panels, central consoles and headliners. For chassis, we assemble entire engines, front and rear axles, as well as complete cooling modules.

For some clients, we also manage the assembly of complete vehicles, thanks to our many years of experience and our high quality promise.

Assembly for all components

Door panels, central consoles, headliners, cockpits

There is a great deal of variety when it comes to interiors. Various colours and outer materials, as well as different charging options in the central consoles, are just some examples of this. We have installed over 31 million interior modules on behalf of our clients. We specify the processes and adapt them in line with your range of variants.

Axles, engines, front-end modules, mirrors, wheels, lights, glass, coolers, etc.

We have installed around 90 million modules in the exterior sector. Our many years of experience lie in the field of engine equipment, as well as all kinds of front- and rear-axle modules. Besides our process expertise, we have developed an extensive knowledge of systems. We support some vehicle manufacturers with the development of these modules, and are able to bring our experience to the table from an early stage.

Electric vehicles, light goods vehicle

We are the first logistics service provider that has been entrusted with the assembly of a complete vehicle. This says a lot about our team, our employees and our process-orientated approach. In the past, we have built complete electric vehicles for short-distance transport, and have recently assembled a light goods vehicle in the USA.


We assemble your products where you need us

We always operate in close proximity to the customer and set up our assembly lines either directly on the customer's premises or in the immediate vicinity. Transportation is carried out on the basis of scheduled vehicle services or directly via a conveyor connection to the customer's assembly line.


Our all-round service for automobile manufacturers

  • Incoming goods, storage and production supplies
  • Commissioning, sequencing, market basket analysis and pre-assembly
  • Quality control and traceability
  • Planning, financing, installation, operation and maintenance of assembly lines

Perfectly in sync

Our planning is based on sequencing in sync with our clients. For us, every second counts.


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