Automobiles: Supplier and quality management

We procure components on behalf of our clients, develop and audit suppliers, schedule based on individual requirements, assemble in line with client specifications and supply high-quality products that are traceable at all times.

A full range of services

A full range of services

We can examine your entire assembly processes – as if we were your personal supplier. Working with us means that you can have all of your necessary individual components developed and produced anywhere in the world. Our approach is to assume a great deal of responsibility, while allowing you to retain your flexibility.

Our supplier management services

We order in line with your pearl chain

We are happy to manage the scheduling of your products and only retrieve items that are actually needed. We are in constant contact with our systems and your suppliers.


We look into every error – 8 d(imensionally)

We take responsibility for your complaints, regardless of where the supplier produces the parts. We analyse the cause, define the remedial action and draw up possible solutions, before implementing these and checking them over the long term.

We support your suppliers, sometimes with your support too

Should the quality of the goods delivered not meet your requirements, we will support the supplier in changing this for the future. Our process-trained quality control staff analyse the process and offer recommendations for continuous improvement.


Our quality management services

Our certification level is equivalent to Tier 1

We live our processes – and this is proven by certifications and audits. Certificates are not just mere sheets of paper for us – they are a basis of existence. They are the only way to show both you and ourselves that we are doing our job well. We are certified in line with IATF 16949, as well as other standards.

Our “traceability system”, which we have developed in-house, gives you the confidence you need

Our own “traceability PTS tool” allows us to check all of the assembly processes, as well as compare them with your specifications, and to archive this data so that, in the event of damage, our client always knows what we have delivered.

Human inspections, digital tools

Humans will always form a key part of quality controls in production – after all, enthusiasm cannot be replaced by automated processes and machines. That is why our employees inspect the individual stages of assembly themselves. Digital tools assist them in their work.


We assemble your products where you need us

We always operate in close proximity to the customer and set up our assembly lines either directly on the customer's premises or in the immediate vicinity. Transportation is carried out on the basis of scheduled vehicle services or directly via a conveyor connection to the customer's assembly line.


Our all-round service for automobile manufacturers

  • Incoming goods, storage and production supplies
  • Commissioning, sequencing, market basket analysis and pre-assembly
  • Quality control and traceability
  • Planning, financing, installation, operation and maintenance of assembly lines

Perfectly in sync

Our planning is based on sequencing in sync with our clients. For us, every second counts.


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