We offer a range of warehouse logistics solutions as part of dedicated projects and standard multi-user warehouse logistics. We design and implement warehouse solutions tailored to the needs of customers from many different industries and sectors.

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Our solutions for you

Rhenus warehouses located in Poland provide logistics services for sales for several European markets. An individual approach to each project is the basis for an ideal warehouse solution. As part of the services provided, Rhenus also offers value-added services as well as comprehensive returns management. Many years of experience, advanced technological solutions and industry knowledge constitute the quality of services provided for B2C and B2B in modern and traditional sales channels. 

Dedicated solutions

We manage an exclusive warehouse for you

A dedicated warehouse solution is one of the variants of cooperation with a logistics operator such as Rhenus. Logistics solutions used in such a project are fully adapted to your warehouse logistics in the area of ​​their organization, infrastructure, technological solutions and other resources. In Poland, we implement dedicated logistics projects for international e-commere projects.

Multi-user solution

Integrated logistics at a multi-client location

Multi-user projects are integrated in one warehouse facility with other logistics projects. This variant of cooperation allows for flexibility thanks to the sharing of resources and storage space. An undoubted advantage of such a warehouse solution is the high flexibility of processes during seasonal fluctuations, obtained thanks to the possibility of allocating resources and the scale of operations.

Value-added services

Services beyond warehousing for your supply chain

Value-added services (VAS) are part of our core competences. We have a very high level of expertise in this area for products and customers from numerous industries such as e-commerce, retail, fashion, medical devices & life sciences, chemicals, FMCG, media & merchandising, electronics as well as manufacturing & engineering. Our various VAS activities include returns processing, gift wrapping, quality control, kitting, set building, co-packing, product refinement activities, display construction and much more. Please contact us, we will find a solution for your special needs.



Infrastructure and automation

From standard to tailormade solutions

We design Rhenus warehouse solutions by adjusting the type of infrastructure used in them to the needs of the project and the expectations of our customers. Depending on the complexity of the processes, the scale of warehouse operations and the prospects for further development, we decide to use warehouse automation elements or other solutions in the field of modern technologies, such as e.g. autonomous robots. The use of intelligent and flexible solutions in the field of warehouse automation allows us to adapt processes to changing volumes, as well as provide the possibility of project development.

Technological solutions

A new dimension of warehouse logistics

Rhenus works on the basis of modern technological solutions in the area of "Smart Big Data", which allow to obtain full insight into logistics processes in warehouse processes. Warehouse logistics services for the e-commerce industry are characterized by high dynamics of development not only in the area of serviced volumes, but also in the structure of the process itself. Additional operations on products, new assortment groups or a change in the packaging method can significantly affect other elements of the entire process. With the help of technological solutions, we can analyze all warehouse processes, from the receipt of goods to the warehouse, to the completion of orders and their shipment to individual customers. 

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See our team in action

As a leading partner for warehouse logistics operations for fashion industry and e-commerce, we focus on providing customised solutions for you so that you satisfy the requirements of your market. Our team works to provide you with the latest innovations, the most efficient operations and the best service to guarantee your success. With passion, we make your processes more efficient and innovative.

The benefits of choosing Rhenus services

  • Your logistics will be carried out by an experienced and specialized logistics operator
  • We implement individual and shared projects of international scope
  • Rhenus Poland solutions are tailored to the real needs of your sales and expectations in the area of ​​infrastructure and system solutions
  • We offer flexibility of processes and the possibility of business development
  • We manage projects based on the Prince methodology

Operational excellence and quality standards

  • We constantly improve logistics processes and implement the best business practices
  • We actively exchange our experience and use the best solutions developed in the Rhenus Group
  • We use advanced IT solutions and technological tools based on smart big data
  • We focus on sustainable development and green logistics

Development prospects for your business

Contemporary market realities and modern sales channels, which determine the maintenance of sales stability, are associated with unpredictable increases in volumes served. High flexibility of processes while maintaining the highest quality are our response to your expectations in terms of sales development prospects both in Poland and in Europe. Our warehouse solutions fully meet the logistics needs of sales, while ensuring the possibility of further business development. 


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