High-tech logistics and transportation

Rhenus Poland is a leading high-tech logistics specialist. You can trust that we have knowledge and expertise to execute all of your final mile delivery requirements for high-tech products as requested and in line with standards expected for white glove logistics handling.


High-tech logistics customised to your needs

Rhenus Poland provides complex high-tech logistics solutions based on its own network and logistics management processes. Our service portfolio is targeted at companies ranging from small start-ups to large, well-known manufacturers. Rhenus white glove logistics services support sectors including Healthcare, IT and data, fitness and telecommunications, to name just a few. This diversity means we can exponentially grow our knowledge on best practice procedures for the differing sectors.

Market leader for technical distribution

Market leader for technical distribution

Our services also include functional testing, reconditioning, maintenance and disposal as well as upstream processes such as customising and configuration of equipment. We pride ourselves on years of experience, a strong team of trained staff and scalable solutions at competitive rates.

White glove delivery

White glove logistics means ensuring that our customers are fully supported with all of their logistics requirements. To define white glove delivery, our technical couriers will include:

  • Transportation of products on specialist transportation vehicles and handling equipment
  • Unpacking the equipment
  • Placing the equipment into the final resting place
  • Value-added services such as system set-up and end user training
  • Removal the packaging and recycling
  • Removal and disposal of old equipment

Highest quality and know how

All of our staff are fully trained to provide high-quality white glove transportation services. Upon joining the business, each member of staff is required to complete a security clearance procedure as well as a rigorous training programme. When managing logistics services for these valuable goods, our staff will be trained in:

  • Project management procedures
  • The correct questions to ask to understand the customer's site specifics
  • The bespoke characteristics and capabilities of our specialist transportation vehicles
  • Manual handling techniques using specialist handling equipment, floor protection, tilting equipment and stair climbing equipment



Secure warehousing

The Rhenus Group operates high-tech warehouse facilities in Poland. We are geographically positioned to support all the major conurbations as well as surrounding regions. We can also offer an efficient logistics network for our customers. Rhenus Poland can provide the full range of storage services, including:

  • Short and long term storage
  • Pre-staging / system configuration area
  • Pre-delivery preparation area
  • Equipment repair and test centres
  • Equipment cleaning
  • In-transit merge and consolidation
  • Unpacking and package disposal
  • Parts management including pick, pack and despatch
  • Data wiping

Unique tools and solutions

  • Vehicles with rigid body, unloading platform for up to two tons and a pallet truck
  • Vehicles adapted to transporting loads sensitive to shocks and vibrations
  • Payload from 1,500 to 8,000 kilograms matched to the product's size
  • Internal load securing systems
  • Engines meeting EURO 5 and higher combustion standards
  • Non-standard construction heights up to 2.50 metres
  • Insertion into the final place of use
  • Unpacking
  • Leveling the device and calibration
  • Assembly, installation and connection of components
  • Starting the device and checking the functionality
  • Disassembly of old devices
  • Pre-configuration of devices
  • Transfer of documentation and warranty to the hands of engineers or final users of devices
  • Receipt and disposal of packaging
  • Comprehensive project management from solution design through planning, execution, implementation and improvement of operational activities
  • Active cooperation with the client in order to best match the services to the specific requirements of the recipients
  • Caring for the environment - cooperation with entities from the recycling industry
  • Standard and specialised tools ensuring efficient, safe and reliable service

"BOBBY" pallet

  • Enables safe transport of preconfigured or used devices
  • Allows faster and easier shipment and delivery of equipment to the destination
  • Easier storage service for atypical equipment
  • Several different sizes, depending on the size of the product
  • “BOBBY", thanks to repeated use, is an environmentally friendly tool

Handling equipment "JIMMY"

  • Can be used with many devices thanks to the universal mounting
  • Enables the transport of the device up to 1,000 kilograms on an uneven surface
  • Lowers the height of the device

Electric trolley „Impact Rack Mover”

  • Transport of equipment up the stairs
  • Load capacity up to 650 kilograms
  • The ability to safely tilt goods

Setting up Vending Machines

A snack, a cup of coffee or a ticket for public transport: vending machines are popular in many situations. But how do the vending machines reach their destination? Rhenus Poland is your full-service partner for reverse vending systems, beverage sales points, cash machines for banks and more.

Installing Sports and Fitness Equipment

We deliver your sports and gym equipment directly to fitness studios as a partner of the fitness sector – and do so across Europe. Our services not only include picking up, storing, delivering, assembling, installing and servicing the units, but managing the spare parts too.



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