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Rhenus Warehousing Solutions opens a new multi-user warehouse in the Mumbai area

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions India has opened a modern multi-user facility in Bhiwandi. With its approx. 28,000 square metres of space, it is one of the largest warehouses in the Mumbai area. This is enabling the company to play an even greater role as one of the most important providers of integrated logistics services in the country. The warehouse specialist is particularly focusing on storing chemical and petrochemical products – and a large part of the space has already been allocated to Covestro, the polymer expert.

Rhenus is optimising its operating efficiency and scalability at its new multi-user facility, even when handling large volumes of goods. A modern warehouse management system, fully equipped loading and unloading docks and the relevant warehouse and conveyor technology are being used to put items into storage and take them out again quickly. The warehouse fully complies with the latest global standards for health, safety and the environment (HSE). Sustainability is also very important for Rhenus in India: building features such as solar panels and rainwater recycling are helping to boost the climate friendliness of the new facility. The logistics specialist is also gradually equipping other business sites with solar panels in order to make the future of logistics more sustainable on the subcontinent.

Rhenus India has established a reputation as an expert for chemical logistics with its specialist facilities and a customer base consisting of chemicals companies that operate in the international market. Covestro, a leading manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials, which has its headquarters in Leverkusen in Germany, is also putting its faith in the tailor-made solutions and the flexible working methods at Bhiwandi. Covestro develops intermediate products for polyurethane foams, varnishes, adhesives and sealants at 50 production sites around the world, for example. Anand Srinivasan, the Managing Director of Covestro India, describes the partnership with Rhenus in this way. “We’ve grown thanks to and together with Rhenus. Rhenus clearly focuses on HSE, adopts a process-oriented approach to its work and precisely understands the requirements of our customers. As a long-standing customer, we’d like to thank Rhenus for its work in the past and we’re looking forward to an even closer partnership in future.”

“Thanks to having our state-of-the-art warehouse at the heart of the logistics centre of Mumbai, we’re catering for the increasing need for individual warehouse solutions for our customers in India and we’re therefore boosting our own growth too. Rhenus not only provides innovative hardware, but offers other benefits to its customers: not least, our specially trained, experienced team makes us the preferred logistics partner locally,” says Vivek Arya, the Managing Director of Rhenus India.

The German General Consul, Achim Fabig, made the following statement at the opening ceremony for the warehouse. “Indo-German bilateral trade is on the rise. Today, more than 1,800 German companies have business relations with India. I would like to congratulate the Rhenus Group for being a great trade partner for more than six decades in India. By opening two new multi–user warehouses – one in Delhi NCR a couple of months ago and now this one in Mumbai – Rhenus has taken an important step in enhancing their logistics footprint in India.”

Thanks to its strategically favourable location near the financial and business city of Mumbai in the west of India, the new multi-user facility with its broad range of warehouse and sales services also meets the high standards set by other sectors such as FMCG, retailers, industry and production. Rhenus Warehousing Solutions India has 31 business sites and total warehouse space measuring more than 230,000 square metres in India and is continuing to grow.

About Rhenus & Rhenus Warehousing Solutions

About Rhenus Warehousing Solutions
Rhenus is one of the pioneers in warehouse logistics and forms a comprehensive global network with more than 155 locations in 21 countries and 3.5 million square metres of warehouse space. Specialised in numerous industries, Rhenus customers benefit from tailor-made warehousing solutions and fulfilment services. At multi-user locations and for dedicated and in-house solutions, the main focus is on innovation, sustainability and continuous process optimisation.

About Rhenus
The Rhenus Group is one of the leading logistics specialists with global business operations and annual turnover amounting to EUR 7.0 billion. 37,500 employees work at 970 business sites and develop innovative solutions along the complete supply chain. Whether providing transport, warehousing, customs clearance or value-added services, the family-owned business pools its operations in various business units where the needs of customers are the major focus at all times.

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