Transport-related warehousing

High-level customer requirements call for more decentralised and transparent solutions. Transport-related warehousing views warehousing as a building block for the entire supply chain and transforms increasing complexity into market opportunities.


Your custom-fit supply chain solution

Our approach to transport-related logistics enables us to offer a customised, complete solution consisting of procurement transport, warehousing, goods consolidation and manipulation, as well as distribution transport. Not only does this strategic, holistic conceptual approach optimise parts of your logistics chain, it also enables your business to promote sustainable growth in the long term. The Rhenus Group provides you with the logistical resources and capabilities you need to achieve this.

Powerful combination of warehousing and transport services

Let’s take a look at a practical example: up to now, you’ve needed three or four days to deliver your products in other European countries – just as long as your competitors. But you want to be faster and deliver to your customers the very next day. For this, you need a decentralised warehouse close to your customers. Particularly for smaller warehouse quantities, we can offer you the logistical gateway to your target market for a previously unattainable delivery capability. We offer well-established locations with an outstanding infrastructure and optimal transport connections. Transport-related warehousing is flexible, scalable, modular and tailored to meet your individual needs.

Our transport-related warehousing services:

The central link in transport-related warehousing is – as the name implies – warehouse logistics. With our broad portfolio of various warehouse locations and sizes, we can find the right solution for all customer requirements in the range of small and medium-sized warehousing needs. As our TRW warehouses are always integrated into Rhenus network structures, we achieve excellent connectivity in terms of both procurement and distribution. As opposed to contract logistics with its customised multi-user locations and dedicated warehouses, businesses with just a few hundred square metres of storage space are also well served with TRW – including manageable project start-up.

Would you like us to pick your orders on an order-by-order basis? When it comes to shipping your goods, are the finishing touches still missing? Do you need to combine your pallets with a delivery arriving later before onward transport? We would be happy to handle minor adjustments to the goods or special features in incoming and outgoing goods in the form of our value-added services (VAS). Our service portfolio includes, among others:

  • Incoming goods inspection (counting and superficial inspection)
  • Order picking (e.g. pick and pack)
  • Packing/repacking of goods, cartons and pallets
  • Kitting and set-building
  • Labelling
  • Display construction and fitting

Our TRW warehouses have a particular relationship with the transport services provided by the Rhenus Group. As an integral part of a holistic supply chain strategy, consideration of upstream and downstream flows of goods is crucial to the effectiveness of a warehouse location. After all, even the best warehouse fails to serve its purpose without the right transport connections. This is why we not only analyse your requirements for a warehouse location, but also make sure that the transport connection there also achieves your overriding goals. This allows you to fully exploit the potential of decentralised warehousing in road-based supply chains with us – enabling you to develop your delivery capability exactly where you need it. We organise procurement and distribution transports, among other things, in order to transport your goods with maximum flexibility and at the right time to your intermediate warehouses or your end customers. And, of course, we can also arrange for international shipment via all modes of transport as well as customs services.

We listen to you and understand your needs. This allows us to support you in identifying solutions within the framework of your supply chain strategy. Drawing on our expertise and extensive network, we work with you to find the most suitable storage locations and transports to suit your specific requirements. One particular advantage is the unrestricted customer proximity we offer, which provides added value for you and your end customers.

We also provide you with an overarching IT solution in the long term. In practice, this means: the management of master data, stocks, orders, status information & co. would be carried out centrally for all locations through a single interface – as if there were only one warehouse location. We strive to provide transparency for as much information as possible along the supply chain and naturally support simple processing via tools such as warehouse management systems (WMSs). Optional EDI integration makes your work easier as you do not have to additionally declare outbound shipments that are linked to our transport services.

Thanks to our extensive distribution network, you benefit from a fast and straightforward connection to the nearest (air)port if required. You can also benefit from Rhenus air and ocean freight services, e.g. the organisation of container pre-carriage, as additional modules for the TRW concept. Transport-related warehousing from Rhenus ensures that your goods also reach the customer overseas – with all services from a single source. Our customs services are available in all areas from warehousing to road, air and sea freight.

Benefits of central supply chain management

On request, we can combine all TRW modules into an integrated solution from a single source that is specially tailored to your specific needs. For instance, Rhenus could organise the container onward journey from Asia and the onward transport from the seaport to the warehouse, and perform intermediate storage as well as the subsequent distribution transports.

We identify our customers’ requirements down to the very last detail. This is how we delve deeper and deeper into the supply chain, ensure a high level of integration, recognise development potential and continuously promote the business and market positioning of our customers.


Customised services to reach your goals

Rhenus takes a comprehensive look at each order to find a tailored solution for each individual customer. Our extensive network of well-established, strategically positioned warehouse locations of all sizes allows for the highest degree of flexibility. We are also thoroughly familiar with the existing transport networks and can offer you the most targeted routes from your main transshipment point to your end customers. This saves you costs, time, resources and achieves excellent customer proximity – at all times and in all places.


Confirmed expert status for proven processes

As a long-standing expert in the field of logistics services, Rhenus has a range of resources at its disposal that you can also benefit from with our transport-related warehousing:

  • Existing network of contacts all over the world
  • Industry-specific expertise
  • Specialised portfolio for customer-specific needs
  • Qualified experience-based advice
  • Individual transport solutions to optimise your delivery routes

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