An emission efficiency tool for air freight is now available globally. RHEGREEN identifies and suggests which aircraft is the most efficient in terms of CO₂ emissions for cargo movements.

Your air freight solution

Your air freight solution

RHEGREEN is a calculation method based on available aircraft types, fuel consumption and distances to be covered. This easy-to-use tool is completely free of charge for customers. We have a selection of aircraft for you to choose from based on CO2 efficiency. You can select a more CO2 efficient aircraft to lower the emission of your cargo.


An Emission Efficiency Tool for Air Freight

Corporate social responsibility holds significant importance, particularly when considering the welfare of future generations. RHEGREEN serves as a prime example of our genuine commitment to sustainability. As a logistics service provider, Rhenus has developed the CO₂ efficiency tool for air freight. This initiative empowers our customers to determine which aircraft is the most efficient in terms of CO₂ emissions and avoid up to 40% of CO2 emissions per shipment, all without incurring any additional costs.



  • An emission efficiency tool for air freight
  • Customers can avoid up to 40 percent CO₂ emissions
  • It is not a compensation program
  • Create' awareness of their choice and impact on the environment


  • By choosing different aircraft for a shipment of 1,000 kg on a long-distance flight, you can avoid up to 1 ton of CO2
  • This is the equivalent of: Travelling 16,000 km by train or driving a petrol car from Amsterdam to Ankara and back


  • Available from our RHENUS offices to all destinations worldwide
  • Additional service next to speed, price, and reliability
  • Completely free of charge for customers


Quote: Marcel Bakker

As a major international airline, we aim to achieve carbon neutral growth from 2020. And we have embarked on many initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. With operating the Airbus A350-1000, with 25 percent less fuel burn, we are delighted to offer Rhegreen on our flights.

Marcel Bakker
Marcel Bakker Cargo Manager the Netherlands – Cathay Pacific Airways


Yes, that is possible. We can offer RHEGREEN service on any long-distance haul. Ask your local contact person for the possibilities, or send an email to [email protected].

Rhenus provides the RHEGREEN service without regard to the pricing tier of the airline operating the most fuel-efficient aircraft destined for the chosen location. This could encompass airlines with higher costs, but it could equally encompass those with lower costs.

We're currently focusing on the implementation of RHEGREEN to air freight shipments for all destinations and from all origins. However, we will explore the possibilities for ocean freight in the near future.

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The purpose of the RHEGREEN tool is to estimate the amount of CO₂ emissions of cargo loads during a specific flight defined by the departure airport and the arrival airport.

  • RHEGREEN is a carbon footprinting tool that allows clients to estimate CO₂ emissions on air freight routings and carriers before the shipment is booked.
  • The RHEGREEN tool estimates fuel use per flight per kg freight, which is converted into CO₂ emissions (factor 3.16). The estimation is based on the technical specifications of the aircrafts and operational data (flight distance, routing, aircraft type etc.) of third parties.
  • The RHEGREEN tool is based on capacity-based allocation, which assigns proportional emissions to passengers and belly cargo. 
  • The scope is limited to air operations and will not include possible road legs (which may have flight numbers).
  • Shipments offloaded, by the airline, of the green flight, will be rebooked on the next available flight unless principal advises otherwise (by written instruction).
  • Rhenus Group and/or RHEGREEN cannot be held liable for last minute aircraft changes decided upon by the airline. These changes might be of influence on the CO₂ emissions of the cargo.
  • RHEGREEN aims to comply, where possible and realistic, with the industry methods such as the GLEC Framework and IATA RP1678.
  • The RHEGREEN tool is validated by an independent third party.
  • RHEGREEN is a trade name of Rhenus Group.