Process outsourcing: Our services

Rhenus acts as your partner for processes and services with regard to customer management and administrative processing. Outsource these processes to us and focus on your core competencies. We save you time, money and resources.

Less work through outsourcing

Less work through outsourcing

Save time, costs and resources: everyone is talking about business process outsourcing – and rightly so, because why do it yourself when it can be done elsewhere in better quality and at lower cost? Put your trust in Rhenus and our years of experience. We manage entire business processes or just parts of them – always in accordance with your needs.

Customer care services

Achieving optimal communication with the customer is a challenge for every company in the digital age. We offer an appropriate solution with our services:

Drawing on our continuously trained communication skills, we handle the complete management of customer relationships and are available to our clients’ customers as a direct and personal contact – in the B2B as well as the B2C sector. We reach out to the customer, for all industries and through all channels, of course including social media. Professional reporting is crucial in order to optimise quality and quantity parameters.

We contact individuals and businesses on your behalf, acquire new customers for you, develop successful business relationships and obtain the information relevant for your success. In doing so, our experts work like you, with a professional and solution-orientated approach. We like standards and love complexity.

Our services:

  • Order acceptance
  • Contract management
  • Appointment scheduling and coordination
  • Contacting new customers
  • Development of existing customers
  • Termination prevention
  • Clearing
  • Customer recovery and reactivation
  • Lead consulting
  • Campaign support
  • Follow-up campaigns
  • Surveys and research
  • Receivables management
  • Competent product advice and product recommendations
  • Solution of commercial customer concerns at all levels
  • Customer expansion with cross-selling, up-selling and after-selling


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The mailroom: Mailroom services

The mailroom has a key function for the processes throughout the entire company organisation. It is decisive for the quality and speed of the internal and external flow of information. In many companies, the mailroom accounts for budgets running into the millions. These are good reasons to examine structures and processes in terms of demographic change and technological progress, and to develop alternative solutions.

Our Rhenus mailroom services are specialised in handling and implementation. We offer our customers mailroom management services as a holistic solution to save costs, improve service quality and ensure security of supply.

All mailroom services are modular and can be ordered individually or in combination. Upon request, we can handle all mailroom services on the client’s premises.

We can also manage your mailroom completely, if desired – as a trustworthy outsourcing partner. This can include mailroom services or the digitalisation of your mailroom. We can also staff your mailroom with Rhenus employees.

Benefits with Rhenus

  • Mailroom operations and postal logistics are our core competence
  • Reliability, innovation and performance of a leading logistics service provider
  • The very highest quality standards with DIN/ISO certification
  • Confidentiality, data security and reliability
  • Years of experience
  • Professional advice and individual solution concepts
  • Complete solution from a single source


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Minimise costs

Outsourcing processes is ideally always accompanied by a reduction in costs. The reason: experts have specialised knowledge. This saves time and money. Results can be delivered more quickly. Cost savings are the logical consequence. In addition, the company does not pay social security contributions for external experts. Another savings factor is given.


Increase quality

The use of experts means know-how, specialised knowledge and external innovation impulses. Experts also usually have access to software and hardware that is not available internally. Through years of experience in a specialised field and with other outsourcing projects, the external service provider brings valuable knowledge to the company. An increase in quality is given.


Improve effectiveness

By outsourcing business processes, you have the opportunity to better plan your own resources for your core business. This goes hand in hand with an increase in effectiveness and productivity. Your own staff can thus be used for their core competencies.


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