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Rhenus Project Logistics expands business operations in North Africa and opens offices in Libya and Tunisia

Rhenus Project Logistics (RPL), the specialist company for project loads, opened offices in the Tunisian coastal town of Gabes and in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, during the 2nd quarter of this year. It also signed an exclusive partnership agreement with the North African heavy goods transport company, Sohatram. The goal at Rhenus Project Logistics is to expand its network in the Maghreb countries and particularly develop its business in the oil and gas markets.

The new offices can already handle all the services and operations provided by the Rhenus Group that are heading for or coming from North Africa. They not only include project logistics jobs, but also container and break bulk consignments. It is now possible to provide complete door-to-door logistics chains in the region through the new business centres and the partnership arrangement. Rhenus also
handles the customs clearance procedures.

Sohatram, which was founded in 1992 and is the Rhenus Group’s partner company, specialises in transporting and handling plant equipment. In future it will be possible to jointly develop and provide transport operations to and from Libya, Tunisia and Algeria as a result of the partnership agreement between Rhenus Project Logistics and Sohatram Tunisia and Sohatram Libya.

“We’re convinced that the economy in the Maghreb countries will continue to develop in the wake of the Arab Spring. The region is very important, particularly for logistics. We’ve been looking for a reliable partner there for a long time and have now found a company in the shape of Sohatram, which has specific local knowledge, excellent capacities and meets our high Western European standards when it comes to handling transport chains,” says Tobias König, Managing Director of Rhenus Project Logistics, giving the reasons for the cooperation arrangement with Sohatram.

The partnership enables Rhenus to make use of a high-quality fleet of vehicles, which include multi-axle desert vehicles with a capacity to carry up to 100 tonnes of heavy goods, heavy-duty equipment, mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 500 tonnes, storage space and warehouses. Sohatram introduced a quality management system throughout its group in February 2008. The North African services provider is certified according to ISO 9001-V2008 and has been accredited according to the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system since 2010.

“We’re particularly interesting for customers in the oil and gas industries and plant construction because we can reach the relevant production areas with our equipment without any difficulty. Our vehicles can even reach desert regions where the transport infrastructure is still under-developed,” says Noureddine Moussa, Managing Director of Sohatram. Libya is one of the world’s biggest oil exporters and has large reserves of gas. “Thanks to the partnership with Rhenus, we now have access to the international network of a major European logistics services provider.”

Rhenus is ensuring that all the orders are completed in line with the company’s high standards at its newly opened offices in Tripoli and Gabes. The two companies have already successfully completed their first joint shipment of containers from Tunisia to Turkey.



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