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Rhenus launches secure global vehicle transportation solution

Rhenus Logistics has launched a secure and reusable car transportation solution for businesses seeking an airfreight alternative to single-use wooden crating.

The Rhenus cartainer enables secure and discreet use at all stages of vehicle transit, for all models. The introduction of the Rhenus cartainer is specifically designed to offer a substitute for wooden crates in the global finished vehicle logistics (FVL) industry.

Based in the Rhenus major global FVL hub in London, Heathrow, the cartainer’s recommended use is for round trips or multiple-stop transportation. It can be utilised to deliver security sensitive prototypes to testing programmes or media events, trade shows, or global product launches.

Measuring 605 cm (length) by 238 cm (width) by 240 cm (height), the Rhenus cartainer can accommodate any passenger vehicle or two-axle, four-tyre single-unit vehicle, regardless of make or model. 

“The Rhenus cartainer has been developed in response to increased demand for discreet transportation of security sensitive vehicles on a global basis,” said Spencer Davern, Managing Director, Rhenus Air & Ocean UK. “With the cartainer, our valued customers will be able to protect the identity of the vehicle during transportation at every stage of its journey on a door-door basis.”

The cartainer can be used multiple times, offering a sustainable solution for full vehicle transport. “As an alternative to the single-use wooden crates often deployed to airfreight a car securely, the Rhenus cartainer can help businesses achieve their goals of using fewer resources and producing less waste through their business operations,” concluded Davern.

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