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Rhenus Freight Logistics receives “elogistics award” for its supply logistics operations

The Road division of the Rhenus Freight Logistics business area received the “elogistics award” at a ceremony in Saarbrücken on 15 April. The prize, which is conferred by the AKJ Automotive working group, commends innovative developments and information technology (IT) applications in the automobile industry. The services provider was honoured for its Rhenus Supply Chain Connect module, which has been established in conjunction with EURO-LOG. This improves the management processes for supply logistics operations and creates greater transparency.

“The award acknowledges our efforts to continue optimising the tight schedules in supply chains for the automobile sector, but also for related segments, in conjunction with our partners. To achieve this, we’ve incorporated web app technologies in order to improve existing solutions for supply logistics and therefore help our customers reduce logistics costs in the long term,” says Robert Recknagel, Product Manager for Freight Industry Solutions at Rhenus Freight Logistics.

The Supply Chain Connect application is part of the overall concept of Supply Logistics 2.0 at Rhenus; the new system interconnects IT modules that were previously isolated. “We can plot the supply chain for the individual purchasers as a unified whole in real time so that we can, for example, combine transport services to and from different factories, provide deliveries that perfectly match production cycles and respond immediately to any variations in processes with the help of an active monitoring system,” Robert Recknagel explains. “The web app technology also guarantees a very high degree of user-friendliness so that our customers can immediately see the results that we’ve been able to achieve in our supply logistics operations. Our partner EURO-LOG was able to play an active role here with its expertise.”

The “elogistics award” has been publicised by AKJ Automotive every year since 1999. The “Just-in-Time working group” consists of experts and managers from the automobile industry and it focuses on the challenges posed by the value-added chain in this sector.

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The Rhenus Group provides logistics services around the globe and has annual turnover amounting to EUR 4.1 billion. Rhenus employs over 24,000 people at more than 390 locations worldwide. The Rhenus business areas – Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics and Port Logistics – manage complex supply chains and provide a wealth of innovative value-added services.

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