You can see railways and lots of containers.

Supply Chain Solutions

We plan and organise your transports – on land, on water and in the air. But we also advise you beyond transport solutions and offer you comprehensive value-added services that help optimise your supply chain.
You can see aman in between containers and a plane in the sky.

Industry Solutions

Logistics is not always the same. Every industry has its own special requirements. Together with you, we develop the perfect solution for what needs to be moved along your supply chain.
You can see an archive.

Office Systems

We support you in implementing your digital strategy of both physical and digital information. Our services span the entire information lifecycle – from creation to archiving and destruction.

Home Delivery

We deliver furniture, household appliances and mattresses to the place of use. All over Germany. If desired, we take over assembly, installation of white and brown goods and take care of the disposal of old appliances and packaging material.

Port Logistics

The increasing internationalisation of trade flows is making ports increasingly important as logistics hubs. We have our own capacities in seaports and in the hinterlands as well as interfaces to railways throughout Europe.
You can see the manufacturing of an automotive piece.

Automotive Logistics

As a logistics service provider with many years of industry experience, Rhenus knows the rapidly changing challenges facing the automotive industry. We offer appropriate logistics solutions that optimise the entire process chain at home and abroad.
You can see two men deliver an ATM.

High Tech Logistics

Whether sports equipment, complex medical technology or ATM machines: We bring these complex and high-quality goods to their place of use and install them professionally.

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