Groupage transport: key aspects, benefits and the future in efficient freight logistics.

Groupage transport: key aspects, benefits and the future  in efficient freight logistics.

Groupage transport is an irreplaceable driving force of efficient freight logistics. This type of transport is not just a method of moving a variety of cargo - this service is also a comprehensive delivery management system that affects the competitiveness of companies and the quality of customer service. We encourage you to read the article, where we present key information on groupage transport, which is now considered an integral part of global supply chains.


Efficient freight logistics. What is groupage transport?


Groupage transport is one of the key elements of the logistics network, which enables the transportation of small, primarily palletized cargo from one location to another. The term usually refers to the transportation of quantities of goods that cannot fill an entire vehicle or container. Groupage transport covers various types of goods - industrial products, food and electronics.

The implementation of groupage distribution services with Rhenus Freight Logistics is possible thanks to an extensive network of distribution warehouses in Poland and Europe and cooperation with partners. We offer a wide range of groupage transport services - both domestically and internationally. Regardless of the type of cargo, we are able to handle palletized shipments, logs, as well as dangerous goods in accordance with ADR regulations, while maintaining efficient freight logistics.

Advantages of groupage transport

The carriage of small loads has a number of characteristics that make this mode of transport a perfect fit for the modern needs of numerous commercial and industrial sectors. The key advantages of this solution include such aspects as:

Cost effectiveness

Compared to individual deliveries, groupage transport is a much more cost-effective solution. Consolidated shipments allow efficient use of vehicle cargo space, which reduces the cost of the entire process.

Extensive groupage distribution network

When transporting goods, we use an extensive groupage distribution network that includes both domestic and international connections. With our own warehouses and transshipment terminals, we can effectively optimize the time and cost of the operational activities undertaken.

Regular line connections

We guarantee regular line connections to key regions and industrial centres - both domestically and throughout Europe. The cargo we handle is therefore transported on schedule, which minimises the risk of delays and ensures on-time delivery.

Full integration of the distribution network

One of the advantages of Rhenus groupage transport is also its extensive distribution network, which remains fully integrated with the domestic system of international distribution. The solution optimises costs and improves the efficiency of the shipment planning process. Customers can track and manage their shipments in a personalised way and according to their needs.

Wide range of possibilities

We offer the service of transporting various types of cargo. Our specialists are qualified to handle, among other things, the transportation of dangerous goods (ADR) and shipments of non-standard dimensions that may require specialised handling procedures. Rhenus Group customers can also benefit from additional solutions such as customs services or additional shipment insurance.

Groupage transport and ecology

Road groupage transport has to face many ecological challenges. As one of the leading logistics companies in Poland and abroad, at Rhenus Freight Logistics we are actively committed to improving public welfare and protecting the environment and natural resources. We combine the principles of economics and ecology, striving to provide the highest possible quality of freight services while minimising the negative impact of groupage transport on the planet.

Environmental challenges in groupage transport include greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, consumption of fossil fuels and tackling traffic congestion, which generates unnecessary exhaust fumes and burdens the environment. We are therefore constantly developing a range of solutions to improve the energy efficiency of our operations. Rhenus Freight Logistics additionally undertakes to comply with applicable laws and other prevailing guidelines on energy consumption, supporting, among other things, the implementation of energy-efficient products and services.

How is the monitoring of cargo carried out? Automation in freight logistics

In order to ensure the greatest possible safety in groupage transport, our customers gain access to the Track & Trace system, which allows them to monitor the journey in real time and manage the timeliness of deliveries. The tool provides complete transparency of the entire transportation chain at every stage of the journey. Among other things, the customer can check the status of the shipment and its location to check whether the actual delivery time to the end recipient does not differ from the planned one. Track & Trace additionally allows to download documents from internal and external electronic archives, such as delivery confirmation.


Rhenus is one of the world's leading logistics service providers, constantly developing comprehensive transportation solutions for all routes - both domestic and international. Are you looking for a reliable carrier that offers sustainable freight transportation? Contact us to find out the full benefits of working with the Rhenus Group.