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Strengthen customer service: Rhenus expands service provider portfolio with Tema Marketing-Service

Effective January 1, 2024, TEMA Marketing-Service will become part of the Rhenus Group under Rhenus :people!. The merger aims to strengthen the service portfolio of both service providers and expand their existing resources. For the employees and customers of both companies, the merger will not imply any changes.

The call center service provider Rhenus :people! has acquired ‘TEMA Gesellschaft für Marketing-Service mbH‘ as of January 1, 2024. Based in Mannheim, Germany, TEMA is also involved in customer communication services. By acquiring and integrating TEMA into Rhenus :people!, the customer care expert anticipates expanding its market presence, acquiring new customers and enhancing references in multilingual customer support.

"TEMA was founded 40 years ago as a family business and is one of the first German companies in the call center industry. A wealth of experience and expertise has been accumulated and we are excited to merge it with our own know-how," explains Olaf Remmele, managing director of Rhenus Office Systems. Within Rhenus Office Systems, Rhenus :people! has been operating for over 25 years as a certified premium service provider for customer service, with approximately 800 employees across nine locations in Germany. Rhenus :people! will absorb all TEMA employees, with no changes resulting from the acquisition. Remmele also assures that the processes for existing customers will continue seamlessly. TEMA specializes in communication, dialogue marketing, market research projects, and quality monitoring, managing complex projects for well-known international corporations, primarily in the publishing, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, agricultural industries, as well as the public sector. The company has particularly gained expertise in market research projects and quality monitoring, especially through activities for public sector clients.

"The merger with Rhenus :people! is an exciting development for us. Together, we will consolidate our strengths to better support our customers. This collaboration enables us to continue offering innovative solutions in an ever-changing industry," concludes Frank Nauhauser, managing director of TEMA.



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Rhenus Group is one oft he leading globally operating logistics service providers with an annual turnover of 8.6 billion Euros. 39,000 employees are engaged at 1,120 locations, developing innovative solutions along the entire supply chain. Whether it is transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, or value-added services, the family-owned business consolidates its services in various business domains, while always keeping the needs of customers at the forefront.


TEMA Marketing-Service is a service and consulting company with units dedicated to dialogue solutions, market research and management consulting, specializing in communication, dialogue and market research concepts. The units focus on topics such as customer care, customer and employer surveys (phone, online, print), quality monitoring, lead generation and help desk solutions, providing concept solutions in the areas of business process outsourcing for national and international tasks.

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