Safety comes first: Ensuring secure transportation and digitalisation of confidential documents

When companies decide to outsource the digitisation of their confidential documents, the transportation of the documents should be arranged with the service provider at the time of placing the order. Once the documents leave the company for digitisation, security must be ensured from the very first second, as these are valuable materials. Any incident can have serious and costly consequences. Service providers like Rhenus offer comprehensive services that include both transportation and subsequent digitisation of the documents.

Transportation in a safety vehicle

There are many reasons why it is worthwhile for companies to have their files collected by a service provider like Rhenus. Once the company has packed the documents to be digitised, they can be handed over to the security vehicle. This eliminates any logistical effort for the company, allowing them to focus on their core business. Rhenus specialises in the transportation of confidential documents, and their processes are certified. The secure transport is always ensured through Rhenus-owned security vehicles. If desired, the documents can also be placed in lockable containers, providing additional protection.

Digitisation with high-performance scanners

For the digitisation of files, receipts, and folders, a nearby location should be selected to minimise the distance traveled by confidential documents. Rhenus has multiple digitisation sites in Germany where the documents are prepared and organized for digitisation. Time-consuming tasks such as removing staples, smoothing and indexing individual documents, and removing adhesive notes are performed at these locations. High-performance scanners are used for the scanning process, capable of effortlessly scanning and capturing any format in a short amount of time.

Secure handling of documents - even after scanning

After the documents have been securely scanned and digitized, upon request from the client company, Rhenus can provide storage of the paper records in their high-security archives until the retention period expires. Once the retention period is reached, the documents can be destroyed. As a full-service provider, Rhenus is capable of disposing of the documents according to the appropriate security classifications.

The advantages at a glance

  • No logistical effort for companies
  • Secure transport by the service provider
  • All-around service

All-around service with Rhenus

You want to digitise your documents? We at Rhenus are here to support you as an experienced partner, taking care of the secure transportation and digitisation of your records.

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