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Rhenus Warehousing Solutions takes over the production logistics for the new “Falcon 10X” at the Aerohub in Seville

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions will manage the production logistics for the new “Falcon 10X” aircraft from its Aerohub site in Seville. Airbus is involved in the production of this business jet designed and developed by the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault. The Rhenus Aerohub is a logistics centre developed especially for Airbus in Andalusia in southern Spain.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions takes over the production logistics for the new “Falcon 10X” at the Aerohub in Seville. Image source: Airbus.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions opened the Aerohub at the Aeropolis Business Park near Seville in the summer of 2022. It will serve as the warehouse for the Airbus centres in Bahia de Cádiz and Tablada, and for the subcontractor Aciturri, which is also involved in manufacturing this type of aircraft.

The specialist for warehousing logistics will provide services in the fields of incoming goods, technical inspection, storage, inventory, picking, grouping and dispatching items to the production lines from there. The new project is part of the Falcon 10X programme in which Airbus is manufacturing parts of the new aircraft’s empennage – consisting of the horizontal and vertical tail stabilizer.

“This new project is consolidating our strategic relations with Airbus and reinforces the position of Rhenus Warehousing Solutions as the major partner for the aviation sector. We have continually been working to improve the high quality of our services for this sector, because it requires complex and specifically tailored logistics as well as a high degree of precision in warehousing operations,” says Julio Sáez, Business Development Director at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Spain.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions has many years of experience in the aerospace sector, as proven by developing relationships with well-known customers such as Airbus. The warehousing logistics specialist has been working for the Airbus factories in Cádiz and Seville for almost two decades.

Rhenus acquired the Spanish company LTK in the beginning of 2020, which specialises in providing logistics services for the aviation sector. Following the strong initial boost that this takeover gave to the logistics specialist in this sector, this new project represents another strategic step forwards. Andreas Plikat, General Manager of Rhenus Warehousing Solutions, explains, “We’ve recognised that the aviation sector is one of the most important strategic growth fields for Rhenus Warehousing Solutions around the world. We’d like to significantly develop our business in this sector during the next few years.”

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