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Rhenus steps up in home shopping logistics

As a long-time logistics provider for M6 Boutique, Rhenus recently renewed its contract and took over the logistics for the Téléshopping broadcast on TF1. The two STARS Group players – leaders in home shopping in France – have assigned all of their logistics activities to Rhenus. Since July 2022, all inventories have been stored at a Rhenus multi-client site near Rouen.

By renewing its contract and adding the logistics activities for Téléshopping, Rhenus has become the sole service provider for the French home shopping leader, the STARS Group.

Thanks to the flexibility of its multi-client warehouse, Rhenus was able to provide 50 per cent more storage space than previously used and can now handle double the volumes and processing operations. This was made possible by extending employment contracts with temporary workers already employed on the site, increasing the density of storage space for high turnover products, and investing in “double rack” storage areas and forklifts with telescopic forks. Processes have also been adapted to meet changes in order picking for multi-package shipments.

“The main reason for extending our contract with Rhenus was the top-notch operational quality we have received for many years. The teams, already trained in home shopping logistics, as well as an on-site conveyor used to automate some operations, guarantee the quality of service and flexibility we need, in particular during seasonal peaks in business or specific campaigns,” explained Carole Allain, Director of Operations at STARS Group.

Home shopping logistics also includes returns management. “This service is an essential part of end client satisfaction. Validating returns is what authorises a refund or exchange. This requires efficient management of complex data and seamless communication between IT systems, while minimising the activity’s environmental impact,” said Mercedes Ortiz Garcia, Business Development Director at Rhenus Logistics France.

Transport from the warehouse to the end client, managed directly by STARS Group, is also becoming increasingly complex due to the range of delivery options offered on home shopping websites. This also involves international transport operations to a number of French-speaking countries and overseas territories.

“We have worked closely with Hervé Armaganian, who has looked after the STARS Group for many years, as well as with the client to meet all new demands arising from the combination of the two entities’ activities, both of whom specialise in home shopping, but with distinct characteristics. We are delighted to have successfully met our client’s and its customers’ needs, by offering customised and flexible solutions,” added Mercedes Ortiz Garcia, Business Development Director at Rhenus Logistics France.

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