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Rhenus South Africa and AMES Foundation Join Forces for Wildlife Conservation

Rhenus South Africa and AMES Foundation team up to advance African wildlife conservation. Airlifting cutting-edge IT gear for a remote reserve, Rhenus supports its customer in preserving biodiversity efforts through real-time data collection. This collaboration showcases logistics as a key player in conservation.

In a promising development for African wildlife conservation, the leading logistics service provider Rhenus South Africa engaged in a collaborative partnership with the AMES Foundation. The collaboration’s initiative involves an airfreight shipment of state-of-the-art IT equipment specifically designed for the AMES Foundation's remote wildlife reserve. This technology shipment will enable advanced data collection and analysis, ultimately fueling research and conservation projects.

Rhenus has taken up the critical task of transporting this specialized IT equipment to a remote location within South Africa. The AMES Foundation, renowned for its dedication to preserving biodiversity, anticipates that this technological leap will lead to a substantial increase in the understanding and protection of the local wildlife and further facilitate the introduction of security measures for its anti-poaching efforts.

The equipment will enable real-time monitoring of ecosystems, helping researchers and conservationists make data-driven decisions that are crucial for the long-term sustainability of the region. "This partnership is of immense value for our efforts to secure Africa's unique biodiversity as it allows us to introduce state-of-the art technology to our remote locations," stated Lea Henzgen, Co-Founder of AMES. "The support and expertise of Rhenus in transporting sensitive equipment to our remote locations are invaluable. The entire team of Rhenus has been a massive support and helped us at every step along the way."

"This airfreight shipment not only underscores the importance of collaboration but also highlights the logistics industry's potential to play a significant role in conservation efforts," summarized Konstantin Perlitt, Branch Manager East London at Rhenus South Africa.

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