Rhenus Project Logistics brings components for beer brewery to Pittsburgh, USA

On behalf of its customer GEA, Rhenus Project Logistics organised the transport of several components, including a huge lauter tun, from Kitzingen in Bavaria via Antwerp to Pittsburgh in the US state of Pennsylvania. There, the Pittsburgh Brewing Co. is converting a former glass plant in Creighton into a brewery for Iron City Beer.

In particular, the transport by truck over the last mile from the port in Baltimore to the construction site in Pittsburgh was a challenge for the project goods experts: Due to the width and height of the load - 4.73 metres long, 4.73 metres wide and 4.45 metres high with a weight of 8,500 kilograms - bridges had to be bypassed and tight curves had to be steered with extreme precision. The impressive pictures of the transport are available in the project video: