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Rhenus :people! presses ahead with its growth plan – customers achieve up to 50 percent savings in costs

The full-service provider, Rhenus :people! is expanding its capacity in its customer care business by opening another business site in the Bergisches Land region near Cologne. A new branch in Wuppertal is creating the basis for additional personnel capacity to supplement the operations at the main business site in Solingen. By outsourcing their business, customers can save up to 50 percent compared to handling the processes internally.

The full-service provider, Rhenus :people!, has developed a successful concept with its services: they cover the entire communications and process cycle between companies and their customers. By specialising in complex situations and communications processes, Rhenus :people! supports a wide variety of sectors ranging from the insurance and banking segment to consultancy companies, legal practices, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers and even public administration departments and energy suppliers. The service provider ensures that it has the necessary expertise to handle every aspect of comprehensive processes by training its employees thoroughly and having targeted and customised workflows.

As has been the case in the past, the goal of the growth plan in future is to open up at least one new business site every year in order to attract the necessary resources in terms of personnel. Rhenus :people! has quadrupled the number of its employees working in Germany during the last four years. “We’re growing strategically with the potential job market,“ says Olaf Remmele, the Managing Director of Rhenus Office Systems, the parent company. “We survey the market potential in a region for personnel planning purposes during an initial stage.” The quality management department assesses the market potential and the effort and expenditure involved in filling vacancies over a period lasting up to two years. As a result, the services provider safeguards the pool of workers for its customers in the long term despite unavoidable movements in the workforce and even during crisis periods. The provider minimises any interruptions that are very hard to plan, for instance, those caused by waves of sickness, by making use of a close-knit safety net: it makes use of specialist employees, who are exclusively speakers of German, for its individual customers and they work at several different business sites, for example.

The experts at Rhenus :people! individually draw up the training concepts and the requirements in each case in conjunction with the customer. Each new employee undergoes an extensive training programme at the training centre. If required, the customer has the opportunity to check the success of the training scheme before any work starts. Customers using Rhenus :people! services also benefit from continual cost optimisation provided by the transparent monitoring of the working processes. “Our primary goal is to offer first-class services. When dealing with us as an external partner, final customers should feel the same level of support as if they were directly contacting the company itself,” Olaf Remmele adds.

About Rhenus Office Systems

Rhenus Office Systems GmbH provides document, information as well as individual process management services: ranging from incoming post to digitalisation, archiving, data destruction and making available personnel and even customer management, cloud and BPO solutions. Rhenus Office Systems offers all-round support for its customers’ physical and digital information and assists them as they implement their digital strategy. The Rhenus Group is one of the leading logistics specialist with global operations and annual turnover of EUR 5.4 billion. 33,500 Rhenus employees work at 820 business sites.

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