Press Release

Rhenus Office Systems in the Netherlands Acquires DocuCare B.V.

Rhenus Office Systems took over the Dutch company DocuCare B.V., which has its headquarters in Sint Anthonis in North Brabant, on 1 January 2013. The main focus of DocuCare’s business involves the safe destruction of files and data storage media using mobile shredding vehicles at customers’ premises.

“The acquisition of DocuCare is a sign of the international expansion of our business activities as a systems provider for document logistics and it strengthens our presence in the south of the Netherlands. The special vehicles of the company that has been purchased will complement our existing stationary file and data storage media destruction services in the Netherlands in future. We can now offer our customers a mobile solution for destroying information storage media, regardless of what kind of device has been used or the degree of sensitivity,” says Gerrit Merten, the International Manager of Rhenus Office Systems GmbH, giving his reasons for the acquisition.

The vehicles used by Rhenus Office Systems have a high shredding performance with degrees of destruction that can be individually set. This not only makes it possible to dispose of paper and files without any contact, but also destroy hard drives and ensure that the data is protected from any unauthorised access at all times because special locking systems are used. The data storage media destruction takes place at the customer’s premises and the latter then receives a destruction certificate.

Rhenus Office Systems already operates one business centre in the Netherlands for the stationary destruction of files and data storage media at Ankeveen near Amsterdam. The Rhenus subsidiary has 23 business sites in Europe and provides services for more than 15,000 customers across the continent.

About Rhenus Office Systems
Rhenus Office Systems GmbH provides systems services for domestic and international document logistics – ranging from incoming mail to digitalisation and archiving and even file and data storage media destruction – and making specialist personnel available to companies. Rhenus Office Systems is a subsidiary of the global logistics services provider, Rhenus AG & Co. KG. The latter employs over 19,000 people at more than 350 business centres and generates annual turnover of EUR 3.3 billion.