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Rhenus Media Services becomes Rhenus BPO Services

The service provider, Rhenus Media Services, has been operating under the Rhenus BPO Services name since 9 August 2018. BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and underlines the fact that the company works for a wide range of different sectors in addition to publishing houses and the media.

Friday, 17 August 2018

As part of the renaming procedure, Rhenus BPO Services and its subsidiaries, which operate in the call centre and cloud solutions fields, are being moved to the Office Systems unit within the Rhenus Group. The change means that Rhenus BPO Services gains more business sites in Germany and abroad and therefore provides greater coverage and has a stronger market presence, particularly for its call centre services.
“Business Process Outsourcing, that is to say, the outsourcing of complete business and value-added processes with and without IT support, is playing an increasingly important role for our customers. In terms of content, we’re very closely connected to the activities and customers of Rhenus Office Systems. That’s why the integration process is a sensible step forwards,” says Olaf Remmele, Managing Director of Rhenus BPO Services.

“Rhenus BPO Services fits ideally into the value-added chain at Rhenus Office Systems with its services centring on customer and accounts receivable management, technical support and IT solutions. As a result, we’re providing the complete range of services with our comprehensive solutions for document and information management,” says Jens Kumbrink, Managing Director of Rhenus Office Systems, adding his comment.
The internal restructuring does not entail any changes for the customers of what was formerly Rhenus Media Services – and the familiar contact persons are not moving from their desks either. The company’s “media” sector skills continue to be a core area of expertise too.

About Rhenus Media Services

Rhenus Media Services GmbH is a full-service provider for the energy, IT and communications sectors, publishing houses and media corporations, ecommerce and the retail sector as well as finances. Its solutions cover logistics, customer relations management, accounts receivable management, technical support and IT management with data centre services for the knkVerlag sector software. The company is part of the Rhenus Group, a logistics enterprise with global operations and annual turnover of EUR 4.8 billion. Rhenus has operations at 610 business sites and employs 29,000 people.

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