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Rhenus in Poland and ERKA launch cooperation arrangement for groupage freight traffic

Rhenus Logistics in Poland and ERKA Internationale Spedition GmbH (ERKA) have been working together to handle daily international groupage road transport services between southern Germany and Poland since 1 March 2018. As a result, both companies are benefiting from the expansion of their networks to further develop their business.


The goods being transported involve non-perishable items like furniture, industrial goods and chemicals. The transit time varies between 48 and 72 hours, depending on the origin and destination of the items. Before being transported, the goods are combined at the Rhenus warehouse site in Wrocław and the ERKA business site in Stuttgart. Rhenus in Poland and ERKA also organise the final mile deliveries to end customers.

ERKA, which has its headquarters in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf, is one of the main providers of road transport services in southern Germany. The Polish Rhenus company also maintains a well-developed national distribution network as well as national and international road transport services.

“This cooperation allows us to provide current and future customers of both companies with daily groupage freight connections in both directions,” says Artur Tomaszewski, International Groupage Director at Rhenus Logistics Poland.

Rhenus Poland is now the third national company within the Rhenus Group to cooperate with ERKA, following the example set by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

About ERKA

ERKA Spedition GmbH is a familiy owned and independent local forwarding and logistics company, founded 1977 in Stuttgart. With 170 qualified employees and over 40 years of experience ERKA belongs to the market leader for European groupage traffics in southern Germany.

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