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Rhenus Home Delivery takes a holding in Grupo Totalmédia and becomes the European market leader in 2-man handling

Rhenus Home Delivery, the specialist for making deliveries to customers, acquired 49.9 percent of the shares in the Grupo Totalmédia logistics group in December 2022. The holding involves the transport services divisions for last mile deliveries. The Iberian logistics and sales company specialises in home delivery solutions for bulky consignments and assembly work. Rhenus Home Delivery is using the shareholding to tap into the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal).

Grupo Totalmédia, which has its headquarters in Lisbon and operates 48 more business sites, consists of six divisions that provide logistics and sales solutions in the Iberian region. Rhenus has taken a holding in TNB, TTM Entregas ao Domicilio, Home Logistics and Sama Logistica. The units specialise in delivering heavy and bulky goods and providing transportation and other services related to assembly, packaging and warehousing.

“We’re opening up two additional markets in the shape of Spain and Portugal through Grupo Totalmédia and are therefore becoming the European market leader for two-man handling for last mile deliveries of heavy and bulky goods,” Ronny Sassen, the Managing Director of Rhenus Home Delivery, explains. Thanks to this acquisition, Rhenus Home Delivery is strengthening its position on the Iberian peninsula and is therefore expanding the coverage of its services for its clients.

The shareholding in the company, which was founded in 1998, will be a gradual process: Rhenus is initially acquiring 49.9 percent of the Iberian corporate group. Further holdings will be purchased during the next few years. The 650 employees working for Grupo Totalmédia will become part of the Rhenus Group through the takeover. “Thanks to the extensive network of Rhenus Home Delivery and the Rhenus Group overall, we can now offer our customers an enhanced range of services with European solutions. We’re looking forward to our future working relationship with this high-performance partner,” says Frederico Beck, the CEO of Grupo Totalmédia.

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