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Rhenus holds business discussions in India and Myanmar during the German President’s Asian trip

Uwe Oemmelen, a member of the Rhenus Board, held business discussions in India and Myanmar as part of the 15-man delegation that accompanied German President Joachim Gauck during his Asian trip. The logistics services provider not only has a joint venture known as Rhenus Logistics India Ltd on the subcontinent, but it also set up its first representative office to organise inner Asian traffic in Myanmar last year.

The nine-day delegation trip, which stopped off at places like New Delhi, Bangalore and Rangoon, focused on business and education issues. “We believe there is huge potential in both countries, particularly because of the enormous density of population and the demand for integrated logistics services. But many infrastructure projects are only just getting off the ground” Uwe Oemmelen pointed out.

Brigitte Zypries, the Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and head of the business delegation, called for improvements in the general conditions, particularly in terms of investments: “India and Myanmar are particularly interesting for the German economy. Germany has been maintaining very close economic ties with India for some time, but there is still room to expand them.”

Since taking over the Interspe Hamann Group in 2006 and Transport Management International in 2007, Rhenus has increased its commitment in Asia to a significant degree. The services provider now has 40 offices in 20 different cities in India through the Rhenus Logistics India Ltd joint venture. “The trip to India and Myanmar with the German President opened doors for us to become involved in further projects in these countries,” said Uwe Oemmelen, summarising the results.

The issue of education was also a major focus of the state visit. “Any society is only fit for the future if it invests in training for its young people,” German President Joachim Gauck said, praising the highly developed IT and high-tech sector in Bangalore. Uwe Oemmelen added, “Excellent training opportunities are also one of the central pillars of our company. In this sense, the visits to Infosys and trainees at Bosch India in Bangalore during the delegation trip were ideal points of contact for interesting discussions.”

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