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Rhenus Experience Centre in Mumbai Takes Customers on a Journey through the Warehouse

In order to offer their customers a higher transparency of services, Rhenus India inaugurated the Rhenus Experience Centre in their Bhiwandi multi-user warehouse in Mumbai. In the new facility, Rhenus India takes its customers on a journey to see how the operation of their goods is actually handled. Instead of just learning in the abstract what it means to choose Rhenus as a logistics service provider, customers can now immerse themselves in the world of sophisticated warehousing.

Providing a comprehensive overview of the warehouse operations across India, the Experience Centre showcases activities like loading, unloading, packaging and more in real time. Visitors can also experience live demonstrations of the warehouse management system (WMS), transport management system (TMS) and the Qlik Sense reporting tool. By combining physical operations and digital processes, Rhenus India creates an experience that is a combination of both simulation and reality.

 “As a part of our sales and business development program, we always invite our customers to the warehouse. Building long-term business relationships and trust can only begin with transparency and real-time insights into the supply chain,” says Pranav Agarwal, Head of Supply Chain Solutions & IT of Rhenus India.

Rhenus India focuses on tailoring integrated logistics solutions to meet individual customer needs and seamlessly integrate them into their supply chains by providing a holistic approach to warehousing and logistics. “Selling logistics services today has an increased complexity and, as a service provider, it is our job to identify and eradicate problems for our customers,” explains Agarwal. Rhenus India sees an important success factor for its business in giving them an understanding of what this support actually looks like in concrete terms.