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Rhenus Document Services and IOS Informations- und Organisations-Systeme become Rhenus Docs to Data

The Rhenus Group merged the companies known as IOS Informations- und Organisations-Systeme and Rhenus Document Services in July 2019. Both of these firms will now operate under the Rhenus Docs to Data corporate name. The goal is to further develop modern and customer-oriented document processing with the help of artificial intelligence.

By combining IOS and Rhenus Document Services, it will be possible to offer the joint services at the following business sites in future – Schwarzenbek near Hamburg, Dortmund and Frankfurt/Main. Rhenus Office Systems had taken over all the shares in IOS almost three years ago. Since the acquisition, the company has been able to gain market shares, principally in the e-health sector, and continues to grow in a positive manner by providing new solutions.  

Both IOS and Rhenus Document Services specialise in accepting physical and digital documents, scanning and processing them, classifying and indexing them as well as extracting specific data that focuses on different elements. Their activities also include value-added services like additional processing and professional customer management in conjunction with affiliated Rhenus companies.  
“By pooling the skills of what were the individual companies in the past and our many years of expertise in processing documents and generating usable data from them, we’re increasing our efficiency and strengthening our focus on our customers,” said Olaf Remmele, Managing Director of Rhenus Office Systems, giving the reasons for the decision.  

Rhenus Docs to Data will also not only digitalise files in a classic manner and make available the generated data, but also prepare value-adding data analyses out of the hybrid inbox processing for customers based on artificial intelligence. These services will include the use of state-of-the-art digitalisation technologies and the level of automation can thus be cost-effectively and significantly increased. 

About Rhenus Office Systems

Rhenus Office Systems GmbH provides document, information and individual process management services: they range from incoming mail to digitalisation, archiving, data destruction and making personnel available and even include customer management, cloud and BPO solutions. Rhenus Office Systems provides support for its customers’ physical and digital information in an all-embracing manner and assists them as they implement their digital strategy. The Rhenus Group is a logistics services provider with global business operations and annual turnover of EUR 4.8 billion. Rhenus has business sites at 610 locations worldwide and employs 29,000 people.

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