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Rhenus Data Office takes over the destruction of files for Döring GmbH and launches a branch in Braunschweig

Rhenus Data Office took over the destruction of files for Döring GmbH in Braunschweig on 1 November 2013 and set up a new branch there. This has enabled Rhenus Data Office to consolidate its network of business centres across Germany.

“The work performed by the Döring company as a certified services firm complements our business activities in the field of the destroying files and data storage media in the Lower Saxony region. As we’re even closer to our customer in geographical terms now, we can cut our response times to an even greater degree. The business centre also has excellent transport connections at the heart of Germany,” says Uwe Schreiber, Managing Director of Rhenus Data Office GmbH, giving the reasons for the acquisition of the company shares.

The facilities taken over by Rhenus Data Office and the procedures used by the Döring company meet the requirements for destroying data storage media stipulated in DIN 66399 and involve the latest technology available on the market.

There are benefits for Döring’s previous customers: they will particularly be able to make use of the performance potential and expertise of one of the services providers that has been a market leader in the field of document logistics for many years. “We’re convinced that we’ll be able to create value added for both sides by expanding our services in this way,” says Uwe Schreiber.

The customer base taken over by Rhenus Data Office includes banks and insurance companies, clinics, public sector offices and authorities, industrial companies, tradesmen’s businesses, tax advisors and solicitors.

Rhenus Data Office serves customers in Germany and further afield and not only provides stationary destruction services for files and data storage media across the country, but mobile operations too. Its range of services also includes the destruction of hard drives, disposing of office materials and salvaging files that have been damaged by water.

Döring GmbH, which was founded by Heinz Döring in 1969, will continue to operate as a firm and will in future focus on business activities related to pipe cleaning and sewer services, the restoration of buildings and gas / water installation work.



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Rhenus Office Systems GmbH provides systems services for document logistics in Germany and on an international scale: they range from incoming mail to digitisation and archiving and even include data destruction and the provision of specialist personnel. Rhenus Office Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rhenus Group; the latter has annual turnover of EUR 4 billion and is therefore one of the leading European logistics services providers. Rhenus employs more than 24,000 people at 350 business centres.

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