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Relaunch: New country websites for Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam

The online presence of Rhenus in Southeast Asia can now be experienced with four country pages in a new design. With the relaunch of the pages for Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam, detailed information about Rhenus activities and services in the four respective countries is now available.

Clearly tailored to the customer, the country pages provide information not only about services, but also about career opportunities as well as local and regional conditions and offers at Rhenus in the four Southeast Asian countries.

At Rhenus Indonesia and its four locations in Jakarta, Medan, Semarang and Surabaya, everything revolves around supply chain solutions and transport in the fourth most populous country in the world, including air and ocean, customs clearance and project logistics. Specialised in handling electronics, semiconductors, furniture, machinery and automotive parts, the Indonesian logistics professionals ensure smooth processes along the entire supply chain.

Rhenus has also been active in Myanmar in all aspects of supply chain solutions and transport since 2015. From its headquarters in Yangon, the economic and cultural centre of Myanmar, Rhenus is well connected in Myanmar via road, air and inland waterway transport, both domestically and to neighbouring Thailand and China.

With its headquarters in Manila and its seven branches, Rhenus Philippines has strategic locations throughout the country. With over 17 years of experience, Rhenus provides services in its main business areas of transportation and warehousing. For a wide range of industries and goods, from parts for the automotive industry to consumer goods, Rhenus Philippines also handles project cargo logistics, customs clearance and other value-added services.

At Rhenus Vietnam, all activities are based around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s most important economic centre near the Mekong Delta. In the midst of this important location for the production of consumer goods, Rhenus Vietnam has been providing tailor-made services in the field of transport and warehousing since 2015, including further value-added services and customs clearance as well as networking with international flows of goods.

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