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Misapor and Rhenus Open Joint Plant for Producing Foam Glass Gravel in Dormagen

Misapor AG and Rhenus Recycling GmbH celebrated the opening of their first joint plant in Dormagen on 9 September. The Swiss company produces foam glass gravel at the plant and Rhenus supplies the glass powder, which is needed as the raw material for this process. Foam glass gravel is used as an insulating material in the construction industry where special emphasis is placed on saving resources. The plant in Dormagen was built within one year and the annual production output is expected to be 250,000 cubic meters of foam glass gravel.

“In opening the plant in Dormagen, we now have our first production works in Germany,” said Daniel Engi, Chairman of the Misapor AG Board, on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony. 15 employees will operate the plant using a three-shift working pattern and the company will produce 250,000 cubic meters of foam glass gravel per annum in the future. “We believe that our business prospects at the Dormagen plant are excellent as a result of having Rhenus as an experienced partner in the glass recycling business and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia as our catchment area, where almost 18 million people live,” Daniel Engi said. 

While Misapor operates the “blast furnaces” needed for production – and their number will increase to eleven by the end of 2011 – Rhenus is responsible for the processing and crushing plant. This is used to supply the furnaces with glass powder, which forms the basis for the high-quality and eco-friendly foam glass gravel. The heat-insulating building material, which is placed beneath the base slab of a single family home, for instance, also saves its users energy costs.

“Rhenus has been working in the glass collection and glass recycling business for more than three decades and repeatedly works to provide innovative solutions in the logistics for material flows in disposal / recycling; these solutions improve the resources cycle in a sensible manner. The cooperation arrangement with Misapor therefore combines efficient economic activities with sustainable production processes,” says Michael Viefers, Member of the Rhenus Board, describing the joint project.

During the official opening, guests were able to gain a more detailed impression of the joint plant during a guided tour of the production facilities. 


About Rhenus & Misapor

About Rhenus

The Rhenus Group provides logistics services around the globe and has annual turnover amounting to EUR 3 billion. Rhenus employs more than 18,000 people at more than 290 locations worldwide. The Rhenus business areas – Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics and Port Logistics – manage complex supply chains and provide a wealth of innovative value-added services.

About Misapor

Misapor AG, a 100 percent independent Swiss corporation, was founded in 1982 and has its headquarters in the Swiss city of Landquart. The production of foam glass gravel has taken place in Surava in the Swiss canton of Grisons since 1987. The list of production sites has been complemented by Dagmersellen (2002) a plant in Italy (2010) and Dormagen since 2011. Misapor employs more than 120 people around the globe.

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