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Minister Visits Rhenus in Hörselgau

Wolfgang Tiefensee, Thuringia's Minister of Economy, Science and the Digital Society, visited Rhenus Warehousing Solutions’ Hörselgau Logistics Center on August 17 to see the situation for logistics service providers just a few weeks after the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic for himself. The site is one of Rhenus' most important e-commerce transshipment centers.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions will be handling retail transactions for the book retailer Thalia at the Hörselgau logistics center, which was built in 2010. A 58,000-square-meter multi-user facility equipped with special materials-handling technology is available for this purpose. Up to 375,000 items or consignments are sent to the outgoing goods department in Hörselgau every day, including books, e-readers, pet food and aquariums.

"Especially in the early days of the pandemic and during the lockdown, we had to adjust to the new situation very quickly. On the one hand, we immediately introduced the necessary hygiene measures, and on the other hand we reacted flexibly to changes in demand. Whilst the bookstores suddenly no longer needed any goods, we experienced a significant increase in end-customer orders for pet food and books," Heiko Nowak, Sales Manager at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions in Germany reports.

The meeting with Wolfgang Tiefensee was followed by a tour of the extensive logistics facility. “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have created further opportunities for mobile working wherever possible. But the Hörselgau location was already very innovative and modern before," branch manager Florian Schneider reports. For example, the logistics center has an automated drop-off, a carton mover for ergonomic container unloading and a robot for sealing the crates.



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