Market development in Road Freight

Carsten Hölzer, Managing Director of Rhenus Road Freight Sales & Management, was a guest on the "Irgendwas mit Logistik" podcast. Here he talks about transports of the future and explains what impact the geopolitical situation has on logistics.

Special edition with "Irgendwas mit Logistik"

Events such as the current conflict in Ukraine, the still ongoing effects of the Corona pandemic and the shortage of raw materials are constantly presenting the logistics industry with new challenges to which it must respond. In an interview with the makers of “Irgendwas mit Logistik”, Carsten Hölzer reveals how logistics service providers nevertheless manage to ensure smooth processes and reliably serve their customers.

In addition, the acute shortage of drivers in the industry is also a concrete issue – it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to recruit drivers to cope with the increased transport volume. And for the consumer, too, all these developments in the logistics market ultimately have consequences that are clearly felt in the wallet. Find out what the reasons are and how the development will continue in the podcast.

Please note that this podcast episode is only available in German.