Interview: Jannis Lux on Rhenus Instant Quotation, the new digital transport cost calculator

Jannis Lux, Head of Go-to-Market at Rhenus Road Freight, is an expert in digital customer solutions and has helped develop the new transport cost calculator known as Rhenus Instant Quotation. He talks in the interview about digitalised processes and flexible online tools.

Editorial department: With Instant Quotation, Rhenus offers customers a new tool for online price enquiries. Why are digital solutions so relevant at the moment? And how is Rhenus positioned in this respect?

Jannis Lux: Digital solutions have increasingly become the focus of interest, particularly in light of the challenges posed by the ever-present COVID-19 crisis and the shortage of personnel in many sectors caused by this. After all, these solutions offer our customers genuine added value, for example, by replacing manual processes. Rhenus now offers its customers a digitalised end-to-end process, ranging from submitting the quotation via Rhenus Instant Quotation, registering the order via Rhenus WebOrder and tracking the consignment using Rhenus Track & Trace. And the Rhenus Freight Portal contains all these solutions as standard items.

Editorial department: What does Instant Quotation offer customers and for which ones is it particularly interesting?

Jannis Lux: By using Rhenus Instant Quotation, our customers obtain a current price quotation for sending a break bulk consignment within Europe in just a few seconds. The application offers all the products and services that our customers particularly appreciate, e.g. Rhenus Premium Service. It’s also possible to request quotations for dangerous items or long goods shipments. The Instant Quotation service is particularly interesting for customers that require a quotation for a consignment at short notice. Quotations don’t have to be booked immediately, but can be managed very comfortably within the application. We offer existing customers with quotations the special service of calculating the cargo prices using their existing offer.

Editorial department: Does this mean that personal customer support, that is to say, from one person to another, is becoming less important?

Jannis Lux: On the contrary; we need fewer personnel resources to answer simple price questions. We can then make use of these capacities to provide more extensive customer support and optimise our processes. Our sales employees continue to advise and actively support our customers.

Editorial department: What development potential do you see in digital customer solutions for the logistics sector?

Jannis Lux: By providing digital customer solutions, we’re supporting our customers as they continue to optimise their logistics and dispatch processes and are thereby responding to increasing challenges in terms of digitalisation and efficiency. I’m absolutely convinced that, by using digital solutions, we’re able to organise processes which are currently still being mapped manually not only more efficiently, but also more sustainably. For example, I could mention the process of enquiring about current prices using our Instant Quotation system here because it also saves our customers time and resources.