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Eco-friendly operations: the latest electric trucks in the Daimler fleet arrive at Rhenus Home Delivery


Rhenus Home Delivery has now started transporting mattresses, furniture items, large electrical appliances and a great deal more through Berlin and Brandenburg on board its electric trucks. Christoph Fitz, Head of Sales and Marketing FUSO Europe, handed over the keys for three FUSO eCanter electric vehicles to Ronny Sassen, Managing Director of Rhenus Home Delivery, at midday on Wednesday. The special thing about these trucks is that the innovative vehicles are completely electric and therefore particularly eco-friendly. They will be used for the specialist company’s daily transport services to deliver items to final customers of Rhenus. The Rhenus Group is one of four selected European companies that are being allowed to test the new FUSO eCanter electric vehicle from the Daimler Group for a period of two years.

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The Rhenus Group is a logistics services provider with global business operations and annual turnover of EUR 4.8 billion. Rhenus has business sites at 610 locations worldwide and employs 29,000 people. The Rhenus business areas – Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics and Port Logistics – manage complex supply chains and provide a wealth of innovative value-added services.

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