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Cuxport joins green hydrogen initiative AquaVentus

With its membership, the deep-water terminal operator Cuxport is reaffirming its commitment to the energy transition. The AquaVentus funding initiative was founded in 2020 with the aim of installing hydrogen production and ten gigawatts of high-performance offshore wind energy plants in the North Sea by 2035. The goals is to produce one million tonnes of green hydrogen per year on the high seas and transport it to land.

As a partner in the AquaVentus initiative, Cuxport contributes its core competencies as a port logistics provider for the development, realisation and coordination of complex logistics concepts for industrial projects at sea in the field of new energies. In addition, Cuxport's multi-purpose terminal is available as a service port for maintenance, repair and installation.

"For us, the promotion of renewable energies and drives is an important step towards the further development of sustainable logistics. As a port logistics company at one of the central hubs for the production and installation of sustainable offshore power generation in the North Sea, we want to play an active role here and help shape this future," says Hans-Peter Zint, Managing Director of Cuxport.

"We are very pleased to welcome our new members to the AquaVentus family. By joining forces, we will be able to implement not only production, but also transport and the necessary research in the field of green hydrogen. We are ready, now it's just up to the politicians," says Jörg Singer, Chairman of the AquaVentus Förderverein and Mayor of Helgoland.