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Continuity and Renewal

Also with regards to personnel, Rhenus intensifies a long-term orientation and appoints two new members to the Board.

The Supervisory Board of Rhenus SE & Co. KG decided on September 25, 2014 to appoint Mr. Andreas Stöckli to the Board of Directors as from 1st October 2014. Mr. Stöckli, age 40, joined Rhenus in October 2002 and is currently managing Rhenus Alpina in Switzerland as CFO. In the Rhenus Board of Directors, Mr. Stöckli will be responsible for the activities in Switzerland and selected areas of Rhenus Special Contract Logistics. In the Board, he will succeed Peter Widmer (68 years) who will continue in the Swiss Rhenus Supervisory Board. Mr. Widmer has been leading Rhenus Alpina since 2000, and was first appointed Member of the Rhenus Board in 2002. In addition to his new mandate in the future Mr. Widmer will accompany Rhenus as an advisor.

In addition, the Board of Directors has decided to appoint Mr. Tobias Bartz as from 1st January 2015 as an additional member to the Board. Mr. Bartz is 37 years old and started his career in Rhenus as a management trainee in 2005. As one of three Managing Directors, he is currently leading the activities of the European Road Freight. In a first step, Mr. Bartz will be responsible for the European activities in the Air & Ocean Freight Area. In summer 2015 he will also take over the responsibilities of Uwe Oemmelen in the Rhenus Board. Until this moment, 66 years old Mr. Oemmelen will focus on the further development of the Asian business and the management of the area Air & Ocean outside Europe. Mr. Oemmelen joined Rhenus in 1998 via the former Interspe Hamann Group and was appointed Member of the Board at the beginning of 2007. Nowadays, he is managing the business development in Asia from Singapore, in the future he will be acting as advisor for the further international growth of Rhenus. As from 1st September 2015, Mr. Bartz will be managing all of Rhenus’ Air & Ocean activities as Member of the Board. He will then assume his responsibilities from his future home and offices in Singapore in order to accompany the development closely and in person.

Reinhard Lohmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, thanks Mr. Oemmelen und Mr. Widmer for the very successful co-operation that has always been characterized by mutual trust. He wishes both future Members of the Board every success and the necessary quantum of luck for their new tasks.

With the appointment of two young and at the same time very experienced leaders, both in Rhenus and in the sector, Rhenus’ Top-Management not only proves its future viability, but also its continuity in the Management and in its commitment to customer service. This continuity is also underlined by the fact that Mr. Oemmelen and Mr. Widmer will accompany Rhenus in an advisory capacity.

About Rhenus

The Rhenus Group provides logistics services around the globe and has annual turnover amounting to EUR 4.1 billion. Rhenus employs over 24,000 people at more than 390 locations worldwide. The Rhenus business areas – Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics and Port Logistics – manage complex supply chains and provide a wealth of innovative value- added services.

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