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Collective offshore expertise: Rhenus and XERVON intensify their working relationship

This team can defy any storm: Rhenus Offshore Logistics and XERVON Wind have already been working very closely for many years in order to guarantee the services and maintenance for offshore wind turbines in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. These machines supply climate-friendly electricity to hundreds of thousands of households every year.

XERVON Wind, which is an independent service provider, handles all the important areas of work that are relevant for offshore wind parks – ranging from servicing and maintenance to repair work and retrofits designed to increase output. Meanwhile, Rhenus Offshore Logistics is responsible for the complete logistics services such as transport to and from the ports, crew transfers, chartering or the maritime coordination. In contrast to normal wind parks on dry land, the conditions are very different at offshore sites. All the equipment and components as well as the personnel who are needed have to reach the wind turbines and platforms by ship.

Rhenus Offshore Logistics is using its many years of expertise to support XERVON Wind in every possible way. “We’re delighted that we’re continually intensifying our excellent working relationship with XERVON Wind. Thanks to our complementary skills and services, we can offer wind park operators an all-round package, which is not only perfectly geared to the special offshore requirements, but can only rarely be found in this form,” says Björn Wittek, the Managing Director of Rhenus Offshore Logistics, explaining the partnership.

As part of the cooperation arrangement, Rhenus is also responsible for chartering the vessel, on which the technicians live and work during their assignment. Substituting the previously deployed vessel at short notice and the renewed mobilisation associated with this are just one challenge that the team at Rhenus Offshore Logistics managed to handle without any problems thanks to their many years of experience. A so-called walk-to-work vessel is used, which transports the crew to its offshore workplace and back in a safe, stable and efficient manner even in the most taxing conditions out at sea, because it has a gangway system that compensates for the motion of the waves.

The strategically located Cuxport Terminal operated by Rhenus Offshore Logistics in Cuxhaven, which is now the leading offshore wind port in Germany, is once again serving as the base port. “Looking to the future, it will be absolutely essential to expand the port infrastructure for offshore projects at other seaports, particularly at the berths 5 – 7 in Cuxhaven. There’s still a lot to do here to create the necessary capacity here. We’re grateful for the excellent working relationship with Rhenus Offshore Logistics and its excellent infrastructure at the Port of Cuxhaven makes these projects possible at all,” says Maik Schlapmann, the Managing Director of XERVON Wind.

About Rhenus and XERVON Wind

About Rhenus

The Rhenus Group is one of the leading logistics specialists with business operations around the globe and annual turnover amounting to EUR 8.6 billion. 39,000 employees work at 1,120 business sites and develop innovative solutions along the complete supply chain. Whether providing transport, warehousing, customs clearance or value-added services, the family business pools its operations in various business units where the needs of customers are the major focus at all times.

About XERVON Wind

Being a partner for the wind energy sector, XERVON Wind offers highly specialised services for onshore and offshore wind turbines. Besides carrying out inspection, servicing and repair work, it also installs and commissions wind turbines. Its extensive range of services covers all tasks relevant to the sector as well as complex solutions so that wind turbines run smoothly and achieve the highest possible electricity output. Founded in the middle of 2021, the company has around 100 employees working at its two business locations in Lingen and Cologne. XERVON Wind is part of the XERVON Group and belongs, therefore, to REMONDIS Maintenance & Services. Find out more at

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