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Branch partnerships: Warehousing business unit in cross-location exchange

With branch partnerships, the Rhenus Warehousing Business Unit has launched a project to share more communication and expertise with colleagues from other branches. The project offers participants the opportunity to exchange best practices, identify common challenges and present innovations in order to take the common motto ‘We work as one team’ to heart across locations.

The participants of the branch partnership between Hamburg and Frankfurt South at one of their meetings.

The project was already introduced in 2021 with the aim of taking a look beyond one’s own nose by exchanging ideas with colleagues from other branches. The organisers hoped that the closer networking of Rhenus locations would reveal potential for improvement and identify possible joint projects. It is important for the partners to meet at eye level so that both can benefit equally from the exchange.

The first exchange round from October 2021 to September 2022 has already been completed and a number of successful partnerships have been established with this initial run of the project.

For example, the Dortmund-Eisenach branch partnership brought together almost 50 employees from the two locations in two meetings to discuss future improvement opportunities. Another partnership was maintained between the Gießen and Duisburg branches, which served to introduce the locations to each other. The branch partnership between Hamburg and Frankfurt South also produced lively discussions about common challenges and processes at its two meetings.

At all meetings, there was sufficient time for collegial networking in order to awaken team spirit among all participants, even across the distances between the locations. The fact that this endeavour was indeed crowned with success is described by Andreas Klös, Eisenach Branch Manager:

‘As a result of the branch partnerships, colleagues from the Dortmund and Eisenach locations who work on the same topics now perceive each other as “real” colleagues, who can also support each other.’

In order to build on the benefits of the first round, new partnerships have already been drawn, which have also had the opportunity for cross-location exchange since March. Moreover, this time round, the objective is to gain even more from the encounters by means of spotlight subjects, which can be collaborated on. The focus is on ‘innovations’ and ‘sustainability’.