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A milestone: Rhenus Project Logistics transports cable drums for the construction of the SuedOstLink power line

The planned SuedOstLink power line will supply electricity generated by wind power from northern and eastern Germany to southern Germany in future. Rhenus Project Logistics is handling the multimodal transport operations for the cable drums, which weigh several tonnes, for the construction of the grid. Rhenus has now reached a special milestone by supplying the 100th cable drum.

The SuedOstLink project is of great importance for the energy revolution in Germany and Europe, which is geared towards providing a greener and more sustainable future. Electricity, which has been generated from sustainable sources, will in future flow from locations such as the wind parks in northern and eastern Germany to southern Germany via DC underground cables. The power line will run from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to Bavaria via Saxony-Anhalt in south-eastern Germany. More than 300 cable drums, each of them weighing up to approx. 85 tonnes, are being supplied for the construction of the maximum voltage DC power line. Rhenus Project Logistics, which is working with internal and external partners, has already transported 100 cable drums – which represents a milestone. “As the transport operations involve crossing international borders, mapping the entire supply chain is a real challenge. Our extensive expertise and Rhenus’ European network are crucial benefits here,” says Moritz Becker, the Managing Director of Rhenus Project Logistics Deutschland, explaining the situation.

As the cable drums are enormously heavy, it is crucial to adopt comprehensive safety measures and select the suitable means of transport. Rhenus is transporting the materials efficiently, safely and sustainably by using inland waterway and coastal vessels. The company has its own port sites along the waterways. Rhenus is monitoring all the transhipment points, taking into consideration the highest HSE standards and is therefore able to handle the entire supply chain. “We’re very proud to be an enabler for the energy revolution, which aims to create a more sustainable future in Germany and in the world. Our team is once again demonstrating its highly professional way of planning and handling complex, logistics challenges,” says Moritz Becker.

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