Roll-out management with Rhenus

Professional preparation and implementation of roll-outs are of crucial importance when it comes to successfully placing new products or services on the market.


We manage your roll-outs

Several hundred new copiers for an office campus, self-service terminals for airports or new vending machines to be installed in railway stations: managing extensive roll-outs is a challenging task, and a professional logistics infrastructure is a key element of a successful product launch. Rhenus will support you in the efficient logistical management of your product roll-out, including the required planning in the run-up to implementation.

Complex challenges

Our consulting-based approach has proven its worth especially when it comes to overcoming large or complex challenges. This approach is not only used in roll-out management, but also in the redesign of service structures and processes, the outsourcing of logistics or even in contract logistics.

But Rhenus goes beyond consulting: we consistently implement what we recommend. In addition, we ensure that solutions are continuously developed to achieve optimum results, even when markets and external factors change.

As part of a comprehensive roll-out programme, we also offer pre-staging activities – as part of an embedded or stand-alone service, depending on the customer’s specific needs.

How you benefit from our roll-out service

  • Reliable and transparent planning
  • Access to a scalable logistics infrastructure
  • Experienced personnel on site for installation, planning and monitoring of execution
  • Technical tools for deployment even under challenging site conditions
  • Continuous reporting
  • Flexible logistics costs
  • Fast adaptation even to volatile order volumes

Proven planning approach

The combination of innovations with proven approaches and the intensive communication with our customers are the key success factors of our roll-out solutions:

  • Definition of project goals
  • Review of logistical parameters and quantities
  • Development of a roll-out plan
  • Personnel planning
  • Determination of the logistical infrastructure
  • Definition of processes and schedules
  • Assessment of training needs
  • Preparation of reporting and incident management

Extensive product knowledge and industry know-how

We are happy to share our experience with our customers. Being familiar with many of the technical products, their transport and their installation requirements, we ensure that these aspects are already taken into account in the planning phase.

  • The necessary training requirements are calculated
  • A large number of delivery locations and potential restrictions are already known
  • Preparation times for the launch of the roll-out can be reduced
  • Common pitfalls are well known and can be avoided

In addition to our standard services, we offer a wide range of value-added services.



In our logistics centres, products and equipment can be stored, tested, configured and prepared for the customer. We store almost all types of high-tech equipment, including medical devices, vending machines, air purifiers and fitness equipment.


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