Assembly planning for the automotive industry

We develop assembly processes and production plants in line with your requirements to relieve the strain on our clients. We always adhere to the highest quality standards.

A tailor-made service for your production

A tailor-made service for your production

When it comes to the production of vehicles, some of the most important services include the design of layouts for production halls, factories and assembly lines, as well as process simulation. We will also create container systems on your behalf to ensure sequencing within the production processes.

Our assembly planning services

We plan all of the necessary processes on your behalf

Whether on existing premises or in a new building – our first step is to develop a large number of possible options. We then work together as a team to choose the most economical solution. We achieve this thanks to our CAD (computer-aided design) tools. Even in cases where changes need to be made, we can react quickly.

Our strength lies in both our tools and in our engineers’ expertise.

We develop your assembly process and bring your production lines to life

We use your CAD data to develop the assembly process, to evaluate it and to build the production lines in conjunction with our great partners.

We analyse your CAD drawing and consider all of the required stages of assembly. We then ascertain the assembly sequence and define the scope of each individual station. Once we have compiled this specifications sheet, we discuss it with you, so that our plant manufacturer only builds what we have defined together.


Simulation for improved realisation

When you tell us your schedule, we need to simulate it for our processes so that we can remain in sync with you at all times. Our objective is actually to be quicker and to create a buffer wherever possible to accommodate bottlenecks.

Thanks to our container systems, your sequence will never be interrupted

“The sequencing isn’t right” – a common problem. The order in which items are removed is key. Our bays are always clearly defined. If not, we check the sequencing prior to dispatch to our clients. Discuss the design of your sequencing bays with us – our experience in this sector means that we can assist you here too.

We assemble your products where you need us

We always operate in close proximity to the customer and set up our assembly lines either directly on the customer's premises or in the immediate vicinity. Transportation is carried out on the basis of scheduled vehicle services or directly via a conveyor connection to the customer's assembly line.


Our all-round service for automobile manufacturers

  • Incoming goods, storage and production supplies
  • Commissioning, sequencing, market basket analysis and pre-assembly
  • Quality control and traceability
  • Planning, financing, installation, operation and maintenance of assembly lines

Perfectly in sync

Our planning is based on sequencing in sync with our clients. For us, every second counts.


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