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Rhenus High Tech is your dedicated full-service partner when it comes to transport, positioning at the final point of use and installation of self-service and vending machines. Be it deposit return systems, beverage stations or ATMs: We plan, deliver, install and instruct the sales staff about your products. In supermarkets, at petrol stations and railway stations.

Throughout Germany and Europe:

Rhenus High Tech can deliver and install large quantities in fixed timeframes.

It makes no difference how big your project is or how urgent the installation: We always rise to the challenge and design a suitable logistics solution for you that combines transport and technical installation. We can make this possible because we have a solid network of 81 locations in Germany and Europe, as well as continuously trained and highly experienced teams on the job.

And this is how it works

During the project for our client Coffema, we installed around 400 coffee vending machines at petrol stations in just five months and, in many cases, also managed the return of old vending machines. All over Germany.

Rhenus High Tech: Your strong partner

Rhenus High Tech: Your strong partner

We don't simply leave you to your own devices after the vending machines have been installed! For kiosk systems, photo print printers or ticket vending machines, we also implement integrated end-to-end solutions that include after-sales services such as maintenance, replacement and returns as well as customisation.

Case Study

Our speciality: Petrol station delivery

Special regulations apply to transport, delivery as well as working at petrol stations, since the topic of occupational safety has an even more central role to play here. And this is the reason why our employees are specially trained based on Behaviour Based Safety (BBS /HSE). Benefit from Rhenus High Tech's many years of experience – for a safe, plannable implementation of the roll-out as well as project management.


As a specialised high-tech logistics company, we offer customised services for the professional transport of vending machines and their positioning and installation on site. Find out in our case study what requirements have to be met and how exactly the petrol station delivery is carried out!


Advantages of petrol station roll-out with Rhenus High Tech

Preliminary risk assessments

The risk assessment represents the core element of occupational health and safety in companies. It is the basis for systematic and successful safety and health management. We perform preliminary risk assessments to guarantee the safe insertion and installation of vending machines on site.


Compliance with all documentation requirements

Our trained employees are well-versed in the extensive documentation requirements for all activities carried out at petrol stations, including the so-called order release protocols.


Individual rules of the mineral oil companies

Despite the fact that a common set of rules applies in principle, individual petroleum companies have made their own individual adaptations that support their own standards. Thanks to our many years of cooperation, Rhenus High Tech has a great deal of expertise in this area and utilises this knowledge lead for the benefit of its customers.


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