Automobillogistik in den Rhenus-Häfen Automobillogistik in den Rhenus-Häfen

Port logistics for the automotive industry

Rhenus Germany offers integrated terminal management for motor vehicles. We handle worldwide automobile transports including safe and monitored storage as well as truck and rail loading services. We also provide numerous services for new and used cars.

Zertifizierte Services für Automobile

Certified services for automobiles

Rhenus ports have extensive RoRo transshipment facilities and an extensive parking capacity with storage areas for import, export and transit vehicles. A total of up to 2,000 cars can be loaded per ship. Regular short sea connections guarantee short handling times for your supply chain. Other services that we offer include wax preservation, tyre pressure testing, battery testing, rust film removal, and vehicle washing with our fully automated car wash facilities.

Loading movable goods with the RoRo method means that they can be loaded without the need to roll between terminal and ship. This approach ensures a high handling speed and low handling costs. Transport by sea also reduces traffic on the roads, making transport even more environmentally-friendly.

We conduct handover inspections and, if necessary, also handle smaller services such as tyre pressure testing, battery testing, bearing cleaning, flash rust removal and dewaxing as part of our smart repair and maintenance concepts.

Wax preservation provides sustained protection against corrosion. This process ensures that the cavities of the car body and chassis are sealed. For this purpose, we operate a specialised workshop for corrosion and underbody protection.

During this washing process, industrial soiling, e.g. overhead line abrasion after rail transport, is removed from the vehicles. This is a gentle cleaning process in a fully automatic car wash.

Full-service terminal management

  • Worldwide automobile transportation
  • Safe, monitored storage
  • Truck and rail loading
  • Extensive RoRo transshipment facilities
  • Numerous services for new and used cars

Audited quality for your automobiles

Our customers, particularly premium car manufacturers, regularly audit the quality of our services.


Reliable all the way to the final destination

We make sure that even after the vehicles leave our ports, they are delivered safely and on time at their final destination. If you wish, we can organise all pre- and on-carriages for you.


Any questions?

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