More and more people are shopping online. But precious time passes before the goods reach the recipient. Our promise: our Rhenus Home Delivery team supports and keeps your customers informed until we can deliver the shipment. At the desired time.
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Once a product has been ordered, what counts for the customer is the delivery date. For you as an e-commerce retailer, this means: delivering quickly and communicating transparently. With professional communication of the delivery process tailored to you and your recipients, we support you in ensuring that your customers will be back in your shop again tomorrow. We inform your recipients via e-mail, text message or our online customer portal – including notification of deadlines and delivery updates.

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Transparent communication in the delivery process

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Active communications with the customer from the start of the ordering procedure until the goods are delivered increases satisfaction and loyalty levels. Our delivery process communications are transparent, customer-orientated and tailored to your individual wishes and those of your customers.


  • Notification by email / text message
  • Rebooking in the online portal up to 3 days before delivery
  • Deliveries possible in the morning or afternoon
  • Booking a three-hour time slot
  • Restricting this to a probable two-hour time slot on the day before the delivery


  • A convenient track & trace system for the consignment at the customer portal
  • Live tracking of the consignment on the delivery day
  • Continuous calculation and updating of the estimated time of arrival


  • Surveying customer satisfaction
  • Valid measurement of the proportion of people who would recommend the service to others
  • High net promoter score
  • Measures to continuously improve quality


Everything runs smoothly at all times

For an optimal delivery experience

Progress through movement: By providing a positive customer experience, we contribute significantly to improving your business performance. Find out here how we continuously optimise the customer journey for consignees and demonstrably increase customer satisfaction. #customerexperience


Figures for the online retail sector in Germany

  • Turnover in the online retail sector in Germany was almost EUR 73 billion in 2020

  • 23 per cent increase compared to the previous year

  • +17 per cent online expenditure by each online shopper

  • 9.2 per cent share for the home & living sector in terms of total online volumes

Source: HDE-Online-Monitor 2021

Katharina Galster | Head of Sales at Rhenus Home Delivery

By providing recipients with a proactive and continuous flow of information, we are able to clarify a large number of questions in advance. How do I book an appointment? When will my shipment arrive? How will I be notified about the arrival of the delivery team? Who will assemble the cupboard? We accompany and guide your end customers. Using our chatbot, we are able to enhance opportunities for your customers to contact us during the delivery process. Our customer journey makes it possible for us to be of service to your customer at all touch points in the delivery process. Our ‘Rhenusmydelivery’ customer portal offers numerous services in connection with arranging a delivery date, change of date, tracking consignments and estimating the arrival time of their goods.

Our customer service department is always ready to listen to any questions relating to the delivery. As a result, you can focus on your core business with a sense of reassurance. ‘The more questions we proactively answer, the less work the retailer’s customer service department has to do,’ confirms Katharina Galster, the Head of Sales at Rhenus Home Delivery.



With our clearly structured, intuitive platform, we make things as easy as possible for your customers.

  • Arrange a delivery date online and check the status of the order
  • View updates
  • Reschedule delivery date online
  • Track the consignment live on the day of delivery and get in touch with us
  • Download important documents



Many online retailers manage to arouse the interest of potential customers with attractive products and eye-catching online shops and get them to place an order with them. However, clear communications during the delivery process are essential so that the positive shopping experience continues while customers wait for their goods. These communications have a crucial effect on your customers’ level of satisfaction.

Providing professional notification and delivery services ensures that your customers enjoy the best possible shopping experience and will place further orders with you in the future. While we take care of delivery process communications, you have more time to continue developing your products or your shop. It is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Professional customer journey management supports the customer, from the moment that a product has caught their attention and their decision to purchase the item all the way to delivery and the decision to buy more goods. Because your logistics partner supports the customer with communications throughout the delivery process, you are able to increase the satisfaction level and lay the foundations for loyal customer relations. This leads to an increase in the number of people making further purchases from your shop.

With our ‘Rhenusmydelivery’ service platform, we give consignment recipients a tool that supports them throughout the entire delivery process. They can use the portal to select a delivery date in a flexible way online, receive updates, see their probable delivery time slot and track the consignment live on the delivery day. We also offer a contact form and a chatbot to answer questions.

Customer-friendly notification in our view means supporting customers with communications at the latest when the consignment has been sent to our incoming goods section and making the delivery process as transparent and comfortable as possible. To achieve this, we regularly inform customers about the status of their consignment using emails or text messages and we give them an opportunity to arrange a delivery date online and track their consignment. Our new ‘Rhenusmydelivery’ customer portal plays a crucial role here.

We continuously measure our quality, which covers customer satisfaction and reliability as well as keeping delivery promises. We register the net promoter score, for example, and thus the proportion of customers who are willing to recommend our services to others.

The quality of the delivery process comprises several criteria. Key performance indicators (KPIs), such as delivery precision, play a major role in addition to customer satisfaction. We use the net promoter score to measure the satisfaction of customers and their readiness to recommend the service to others. We record whether the goods were delivered on the agreed date by measuring our delivery precision. We also check whether the anticipated 2-hour time slot was adhered to. The goal of surveys and quality measurements is to continuously improve our services for the benefit of our ordering parties.

We offer recipients a very flexible system for arranging delivery dates online. As soon as the consignment is ready for delivery or the order data has been communicated to us, the customer receives an email with a link to our ‘Rhenusmydelivery’ customer portal. The customer can then select the preferred delivery date and choose whether the delivery should take place in the morning or afternoon to suit the ordering party. It is also possible to have the delivery made within a 3-hour time slot, which can be booked as a further option. It goes without saying that it is also possible to phone our customer service department and arrange a delivery date on the phone. Complex assembly work can also be booked there.

The customer’s opinion is extremely important to us. This is particularly the case if a customer is not satisfied on any particular occasion. Our customer service department accepts complaints on the phone or by email. Our drivers and assembly workers are also trained in how to handle criticism. We do everything possible to find a fast and satisfactory solution.

We normally make deliveries between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Mondays – Fridays. In certain regions, deliveries on Saturdays are possible or later in the evening between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Delivery precision has a direct effect on the level of customer satisfaction. We therefore measure whether the delivery was actually made on the date that was promised. If you wish, we can also check whether we actually complied with the 2-hour time slot specified in the notification.

It is our goal to deliver the item to its place of use within the forecast 2-hour time slot. Unfortunately, this does not always work out: traffic jams, accidents or road closures can delay deliveries. That is why our drivers phone the customer half an hour before their actual arrival time. As our vehicles are equipped with GPS, we can also determine whether the time slot specified in the notification was adhered to or not.

We not only offer our services to pure e-commerce retailers. On the contrary: a large number of our ordering parties rely on multichannel operations. If you reach your customers via several channels, e.g. with fixed locations and via an online shop – we will draw up suitable delivery concepts.

Rhenus Home Delivery is active in German-speaking regions and in neighbouring countries as well as in Slovakia and Great Britain.

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